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So, any thoughts about the economy and it's effect on your ski season or the effects it may have had on skier visits, air travel and vacations?

I went to places I've not been to before so I have nothing to compare with.

The only thing I notice is how easy to find vacancy in hotels and airplanes. Actually, air fare was lower by a significant margin and there's no "run" on promotional fares. Hotels are more difficult to gauge. Only that the Epic Gathering at JH had everybody "upgrading" their accomondation without paying any extra.


Another thing I noticed was the cancellation of one of the commercial trip I signed up, due to lack of participants! So that probably explains why there're so many vacacy on flights and hotels. On the plus side, I was able to make similar DIY arrangements without any problem, for the same low price. 


So it seems, some people ARE cutting back. And those who can go gets the "group" rate at last minute due to many groups never make it.  


I skied as much as I planned. Different destination due to the falling through of group trip. But I ended up with something similar in number of days and similar location (in spirit). I had the misfortune of NOT hitting much powder at all depsite a decent number of days. But that has nothing to do with the economy...