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WTB: AT gear

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Looking for AT gear. Need bindings and skins. Skis would help to. Let me know.

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I've got some Garmont Endorphin boots brand new.  Size 27 Mondo, bought rhem last year but they are the wron size for me.  $500.00, is less than I paid for them.


PM for details,


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Thanks but i need a size 30


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I have a complete AT setup I am selling.  Boots size 30, skis, skins and bindings. I'm willing to sell it as a set or separately.  I could give you the whole set up for the price of those new boots.


Lowa Structura Boots, Size 12.5


Atomic 10EX skis, 191 cm, with Fritchi Freeride Plus Bindings and brakes.


Ascension Skins cut to fit the skis, but will also work with shorter skis.


I'll send you a PM.

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mudfoot,  I am definitely interested in the bindings and skins.  E-mail me.

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I have 09 Line Motherships 195cm.  Never mounted never used.
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