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Cycling plans and goals

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 Now that the ski season is winding down, cycling is foremost in mind.


What are your plans and goals?


Fun rides, group rides, commuting or competition, how do U get your biking buzz?




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Michael......this singular event sets the tone for my whole cycling season ...




Well that, and Le Cirque in Leesburg, VA in June.

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I've got a few cycling related goals. 


First and foremost is triathlons.  My cycling is my good/safe event but my first tri shortened the bike to 10 miles so I really want to rock it speed wise.  My second tri is an Olympic distance which is a 26 mile ride.  Easy mileage wise although it include lots of hills. 


Second is a century ride in September.  But, this may get pushed to next year because I am involved in cycling group that is doing a different event in August but that ride doesn't offer a century.  ARGH!!! I just can't afford to enter everything I want and there may be more strings attached to the cycling group that urge participation in the one that doesn't offer the century ride.  We'll see how funding holds through the summer before I make my decision.


Third is riding Vail Pass and Lookout Mountain with the group. 

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-- Not getting dropped on hills on Sunday a.m. group rides


-- Catching up with those bastards after they drop me on the hills



-- Two sprint distance triathlons (please, knee, hold together one more season)


-- Competitive finish for relay team in the local Oly distance tri (which caused last year's knee injury)


-- Century ride sometime -- Mad RIver century in my dreams


-- Getting my kids to join for at least two 25 milers or club rides


-- Getting to ski season stronger and healthier than last year


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went into the solvang century in march out of shape after an injury and subsequent serious slacking. came out of the ride inspired to get fit and stay fit. so far, so good. have been getting a quality workout on the trainer a few days a week then putting the bike on the bus on the weekend and taking it out to the base of the san gabriel mountains, home of the angeles crest century and general climbing playground. mainly trying to lay down mileage, increase the endurance.


will join a group of bicycle messengers on the occassional weekend ride north to santa barbara or south to san diego. (we take amtrak back, and have been known to have a couple beers on the train.)


by the fall, when i've earned it, i'll look for a bike. i've been on a piece of art, a torelli nitro express ("old" steel), but it's too big for an optimal ride and i'll be looking to get something more dialed in. 


long-term goals include a double century. have my eyes on the logan-to-jackson ride. i'll be 50 in a few years and that's an intriguing magnet to have on the distant horizon. 


i only compete with myself and am a cycling luddite in that i don't pay much attention to things bike computers offer, or even accrued mileage. i ride by feel, for fun and challenge, and to stay fit and enjoy my great fortune in having my health. doesn't seem to hurt my skiing at all, either.    


will get in a week of warm weather riding when i'm at my mom's in the texas hill country in late july. it'll be kinda fun to come back each day and watch to see how that guy from austin is doing in this year's TdF.  

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My main goal is to have fun and hopefully lose a few pounds.


Most of my riding will be done offroad trail conditions permitting.  Current plan is for one "training" type ride and one fun ride a week.  If things come together would enjoy riding with some of the other MI riders this summer. 


All of my riding is to prepare me for a 27 mile offroad race/ride in November known as the iceman.

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I remember this thread last year.


Said I wanted to win a sport race. Did that and end up winning the series in pittsburgh.


Last year i had a goal of finishing a 100 mile MTB race still havent done that..still a goal of mine.


This year is to place top 5 in either a Expert or Expert SS race. My times currently on the local time trail course are there right now but I hope I can actually do it come race time.


also plan to do more psycho cross and just ride a ton.



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Lovin' all the responses so far!


Main Objective:


  • Ride a century from my apartment in NYC to my childhood home in Philly.


Secondary Objectives:


  • Finally take my MTB out for a spin in Highbridge Park...the trails there are supposed to be pretty challenging!
  • Attack the hills along the Hudson River and not be out of breath.


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Kind of busy building a house this summer, but will take a break to finish the mtb ride on the Trans Canada trail from Banff to Victoria.

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Originally Posted by ts01 View Post


-- Not getting dropped on hills on Sunday a.m. group rides


-- Catching up with those bastards after they drop me on the hills


Ditto, the problem is the bastards dropping me are 12 and 13 year old girls.

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Well, I had hoped to become more proficient on the MTB, but a broken toe is putting that on hold for now.  I can skate and ride a road bike no problem, but MTBing is more "active" where the feet are concerned. 


So for now I'm planning to ride the road bike to work as much as possible in May.  There's a local commute challenge going on.  This would also be a good time to drop 10lbs, which would definitely improve my hill climbing (mandatory here in the hilly PNW).

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I've gotten heavily into XC MTB racing this year on my singlespeed.  And my goals might be lofty, but they are simple: 


-move up to SS Expert category in my local (non-sanctioned) races.  --- check.

-top 5 or better in all races ---  nearly check.

-Win the overall Singlespeed Expert point series in my local race series -- currently in the lead with 4 races down, but still 8 races to go and anything can happen.

-podium at Sea Otter Clasic - check.

-post faster times on my SS than my corresponding geared Expert age group -- very difficult, but check.

-move up to Cat 1 SS in sanctioned races -- more of a goal for next year, but need the results this year to move.



-enter a few road bike race for something different.

-ride 6 days a week.

-get into cyclocross for the first time in the Fall.

-have a crap load of fun.


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1 - have fun


2 - qualify for Master DH World Championships

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It's about fitness & fun for me (too).


1) exceed 500 miles/month from April to November. I'll exceed 500 miles for April today.

2) complete a Century

3) 4500 miles this year


I should lose another 25 lbs this year and be down to my target weight by ski season.





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Getting my butt back in shape. I broke my leg last February. Had a poor year of cycling. Now that ski season is over time to ride. Boy am I outa shape

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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post

Kind of busy building a house this summer, but will take a break to finish the mtb ride on the Trans Canada trail from Banff to Victoria.

Trying to keep spicing up the threads with photos with the new easy photo posting......


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My only real goal is to ride at least one new trail a month.

With so many trails close to home, its easy to get in a rut of riding the same ones over and over, but with so many within an hours drive, there is no reason I shouldn't experience something new at least once a month, even with a busy summer schedule.



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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

My only real goal is to ride at least one new trail a month.



There's a worthy goal. Add me for that one.

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I rode very little last year, even less on my road bike than mt bike. Only goal is to ride a little more, at least one ride a weekend, if not two. Problem is, cycling is my number three sport (I play a lot of tennis in addition to skiing), so there's not much time/family credit left once all the ski days and tennis are taken into account.

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De-lurking for this one, as cycling season has been in effect.... well, it never really ended, though I took some time off in February to ski and do other things.


Big Goals:


  • 5,500+ miles for 2009.
  • Finish Mountains of Misery at least 10 minutes faster than last year.
  • Ride a solo, sub-5-hour century.
  • Ride at least 12 century-distance (or longer) rides.
  • Complete the Harpoon Brewery-to-Brewery ride with energy left in the tank (149 miles, 8,000' of climbing in one day, from Boston to central Vermont).


Smaller Goals:


  • Race a few races (did one on a lark last year, did very well).
  • Get the mountain bike out on the trails more often.
  • Beat my personal records at Mountain Mama, Civil War Century, PPTC Century and Great River Ride.
  • Try at least one new long-distance route per month.
  • Get at least one 900 mile month under my belt.


Above all else:


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My goal is to survive the Bicycle Tour of Colorado.  First I have to survive my training for the BTC.  It's a big goal for me given how much weight I'm packing, which is considerably less than when I started training.  But, it's still going to be a challenge. 



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