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Status of polls

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Davluri's thread about what the causes of crashes were brings up the question, when are we getting the poll feature back? 

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It's on the to-do list.

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Bump...And, where is this To Do list these days....  Need to put it in some sort of place it's easy to find.

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Sure . Then we can prioritize it by committee for ya ?  Good help is easy to find if you want it.

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Wow, are you on some kind of medication that makes you hostile or something?  I know I have that excuse, what's yours?


I'd just like to see what is still left that they're working on is all.

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No Sib I was referring to Nolo. Wouldn't you like to see what is viewed as their priorities ?




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Oh, I thought you were giving me a hard time for asking about it. 


It's just amazing how differently you can read things on the internet, isn't it...

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I'd like to know also but I think it's a pretty complicated list. I should have quoted Nolo and mean no hostility to anyone here intentionally.

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We have some goodies coming up this week, maybe tomorrow.


The to-do list is fairly extensive and is revisited weekly. We mean well about communicating progress, but we have a small team and a long list. We get focused on doing the list and not on communicating what we're doing in the interest of working down the list. Please be assured that we're still working hard on the website. (I'm not posting much about my golf game for that reason.)

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Thanks Nolo . We know it's a work in progress but it's hard to see from here and we're just curious.

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