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EpicSki is sustained by the contributions of its members, in particular its Supporting Members and Partners, whose participation and goodwill have kept EpicSki going and growing for over a decade. If you find value in EpicSki and would like to be a Supporter or Sponsor, we humbly appreciate your financial support!


The Supporter subscription is $35 per year.


Supporter Benefits include:


  • Supporter Lounge - Access to this private forum with no topic restrictions. Get to know your fellow Bears in a broader context.
  • Gear Swap - Only supporters can start threads in the Gear Swap - Buy & Sell forum. Your annual supporter subscription helps to support the site to make this service possible, and establishes your real identity and email by completing a small transaction.
  • Premium Article Collection - A high quality, formatted, and conveniently organized collection of ski-related articles and photos from professional ski writers and ski industry experts. This is an informative and entertaining resource featuring ski instruction, travel insights, ski-life stories, offbeat and inspirational observations, fitness advice, and humor.
  • EpicSKi Supporter badge under your name in the forum.
  • ESA Access - as a supporter, you become eligible to attend EpicSki Academy events