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Driving a ski in powder

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Hello, dear ski pros!

I have a question which may sound silly but I can't really understand this my self.

I've read in several ski reviews that a ski requires some driving. That was a review of a powder ski.

To be more specific I'll quote:





The Mothership was SOOOOO easy today in DEEEEEEP ass, heavy pow at Loveland (63" total in the storm cycle since 11/27 PM). It kept speed better then a pair of fatties I was on early (Bluehouse Maven), and it was near impossible to bury the tip too deep. The snow today was really grabby and would suck you under, but this only happened a couple of times for me. The ski really floated in the tip, but stayed lively as well. Sometimes in this same type of snow last year, my 190 Katanas would get smeary and bog down slightly. The Mothership was having none of that today. The length was of course a little tougher here in short turns and in the trees, but if you stay on top of the ski and really drive it, it rewards you big time in pow-trees



This is from Powtron's review at TGR.


So, in my opinion if you drive a ski in powder it will tip dive and you'll go over the handlebars. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your attention.










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drive skis in powder scatter

The Mothership has early rise in the tip, not sure how many mm.  Early rise is supposed to let you take that more aggressive forward stance and drive the ski without the tip dive.  I haven't tried it but it sounds logical and I guess it works.  I have the Mothership on my list to try next year along with the Salomon Czar (another early rise ski), Katana and Huge Trouble (both virtually flat). 

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drive skis in powder scatter

He's really talking about making a burly 195cm ski turn in tight spaces.  Given the nature of that ski, it can take you for a ride if you are not on the ball.

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That's one of the easy things about big powder skis.  Instead of searching for a delicate centered spot you can just drive the tips and they still don't sink.

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The point is you CAN drive them in powder without tip dive...

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