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Bike thread for Garrett

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 I think you'll enjoy this read.




Don't tase me bro!

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a bit verbose, too.

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I've had a few incidents both on bicycle and motorcycle where the 'locals' did not know what the law actually was. But they do seem to always KNOW they must be right.


Nothing remotely as out of hand as all this got, but enough to see how crap like this does happen.

Besides...I have a 'bad attitude' anyway...

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I think you've just answered a question that's been bugging me for a while. Every time I venture outside of the metropolitan NYC area to get some nice rides in NJ or upstate NY I get a little tense, and I couldn't figure out why. epic, I think you and Rossi have answered that to some extent: some rural and suburban drivers, not being used to sharing the road with cyclists like urban drivers are, act all uppity when a cyclist uses a road that both vehicles have equal right to be on.


As for that "bad attitude," in NYC I can yell at a cabbie who cut me off, or slam the door on an idiot who nearly doors me, and both parties take it in stride (yes, people get weird when living in the city...) But actually feel more hesitant to assert myself on a two-lane highway like Route 9, even though it's a designated State Bicycle Route, and I feel like part of it is because of the lack of knowledge about laws regarding bicycle road use.


In the above example, it's admittedly rude of me and probably unneccessary to be so aggressive towards drivers who forget to respect the cyclists on the road. However, more often than not, a driver who doors me or cuts me off or takes up my lane ends up being just short of apologetic–at the least begrudgingly admitting (though not to my face) that they should have watched out for cyclists. The urban drivers won't be polite, but they at least know that we both have a right to be there. Some of the rural and suburban drivers I've encountered try to run me off as if I have no right to be on the road when in fact I'm complying with every rule and regulation.


I think all that's needed is a bit more education for both bicyclists and drivers (and law enforcement officials) so that scary stuff like this doesn't happen!


If I can find it, there's a pretty interesting news clip on a guy who strapped cameras to his bike so that he could catch the license plates of drivers who don't give him three feet when passing or who intentionally pass dangerously close to him during his commute.

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 What about traffic impeding me? They need to start enforcing that. I hear car use is down, but not on Montana or Rhode Island inbound morning rush. It is the worse I have seen in 20 years, much worse than ever before. I get stuck in it and that's not fair.


When a pig yells get off the road now, get off the road now. No, it's not fair. Good for him to stand up, actually, but standing up on your pedals wearing nut huggers, even with loose shorts, it looks like you are waving your fanny, be ready to back that up with some ulock, unless it is a pig, than just say yes sir, I'll walk it back to West Virginia.

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we should see if the cop is disciplined, and contribute to the opponent of this guy in the next election



Lawrence County Sheriff's Office

Jeff Lawless

115 S 5th St
Ironton, Ohio 45638



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