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Me and Miami took a road trip to Wilkesboro, NC to pre-ride the BURN 24 hour course. These trails are great, mud was non-existent! I wish I had more photos but, its hard to get Miami to stay still!


Miami teeters

  100_0387.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo





100_0402.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo





100_0395.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo





100_0397.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo





100_0406.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo





100_0405.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo



Nicely maintained trails, they even had dog poopie bag dispensers!


100_0386.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo



Cancer does suck!


100_0390.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


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Nice legs Zoo!

Looks like you could use a shave(or wax)  

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Nice legs Zoo!

Looks like you could use a shave(or wax)  

If only we had a thread for that....



What's BURN stand for? And when's the race?

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BWPA - It took us a few runs to figure out that you should stare at the black sticker on the end of the teeter. Perfect launches after that. Miami launched off it at speed once, the board never hit the ground!  There are jumps and log piles everywhere. You would love this place.


Epic - Burn stands for massive accumulations of lactic acid. The race is May 23rd - 24th. Check the link above, they have DH and slalom races also I believe. We did part of the DH couse.  That section of the couses was covered with rocks of milky quartz. Pretty cool at night!


TC - Miami and I are cultivating our leg hair. It will soon be long enough to braid shrunken head beads into.

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Oh I thought is was some kind of acronym.










something that starts with N and sounds painful

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Epic - I can't find that BURN is an acronym for anything. If I wasn't so fried right now, I'd think something up for you!


Anyhow here is another link, to the Brushy Mountain Cyclist Clubs web page. More pics here, gives a better scope of the niceness of this trails.


Oh, we did see a Kenda trailer parked by the dam.


Me and Miami are going to try and do the trails at Warrior Creek sometime later this summer. They are supposed to be even more technical.

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Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post

Oh, we did see a Kenda trailer parked by the dam.

So now you know what that red, white and blue blur was.

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