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Instructor at alta?

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There is nobody listed as an instructor at alta on the instructor listing and was wondering if anyone here was an instructor there or knew somebody good?

Or should we just sign up for normal lessons out there.

I'm a high 8/low 9 skier trying to really take it to the next level.
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Try to get Scott Mathers! retired d-team and their trainer.
if you don't want to pay for privates, take the "black diamond challange" This is more of a "tour with tips" you will ski some of Alta's best and hardest runs with a top pro.
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I thought I remembered something like that. Point noted. I'll definately think about that.
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I looked again at the levels at alta and I think I better fit 8 right now.

"It's time to unveil the mysteries and challenges of Alta. You will explore Alta's vast black diamond terrain and variable snow conditions. "Mother Nature" guarantees you will not be bored. You have reached a level where you can ski most terrain and snow conditions but you now want tips on how to accomplish it with ease and finesse."

Not quite 9 :
"You have reached a level most skiers only dream about.....going anywhere that is open to ski at Alta. The bowls, chutes, challenging tree runs are ready for you to tackle, and we find new exciting ways to do it. There will be some hiking, some pointers, and lots of skiing with one of the ski schools finest instructors."

Maybe by the end of the week I'll be getting closer...

Hmmmm, maybe private lessons aren't the best idea...140 bucks for 2 hours! I dont have that kind of cash to throw around.

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