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Loveland 4-25-2009

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Fun day at Loveland yesterday.


I met up with the usual suspects.


They didn't have alpine or snowboard gear on.  They decided to learn how to use broken bindings instead.  I followed around practicing toe-side & heelside 180's on my snowboard.


The couple in the background provided the entertainment for the day.  The husband was carrying his skis and walking down the hill yelling at his wife "I'm not putting my skis back on, I"M THROUGH WITH IT!!!!".  After getting checked by the patrolman, we noticed the couple had the patrolman taking pictures of them.  We offered to come up and take pictures of them with the patrolman.  The non-skier husband eventually went down on a snowmobile. 


I saw this group of telemarketers trying to come down Cat's Meow.  They mainly crashed and burned the  whole way down.


I did see the Maggots around enjoying their Colorado Longboard Day.  They had some impressive sticks on.  Apparently the 223's didn't make this years CLBD due to a binding breakage.  I rode the lift up with them just before the Chinese Downhill.  They headed to the left off the top of Chair 1 for this years downhill.  I didn't get to see the outcome.


It was a warm sunny day up there.  Quite a difference from the dark & dreary Denver weather.



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Husband-wife anecdote cracked me up! relaxing pics..though clearly telemarkers were not so relaxed.

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