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Espace Killy Pics from 4/6 to 4/11

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Les Marmottes (famous off piste area). If you zoom in you can see Piste S (described in another part of this post with pics) to the left side of the photo and Solaise Express on the left part of the ridge in the photo.


Epaule du Charvet (one of the more challenging black pistes) is the mogul field in the center of the picture. Santons, a blue that was closed in the afternoons while I was here, is a run I never skied that is in the gully to the right of EdC.


A side view of EdC.


And looking down EdC. This picture really captures the steepness of it's mid 30 degree slope.


The famous La Banane off piste area. An avalanche in every one! The Loyes Express lift and The Face are in the right hand side of the photo.


The Piste S slope on the Solaise side dropping down into Val D'Isere. It is probably the hardest piste, along with Foret (very similar to Piste S but below treeline and narrower but not as consistentally pitched) and Paquerettes (extremely short, but steepest piste in the area, probably reaching high 30s for a few turns and there's a lot of rocks all over the piste), in the Espace Killy because of it's 2000+ vertical foot drop with some of the biggest bumps on the mountain and never dropping below a 25 degree pitch, and probably reaching a max in the mid 30s.


The awesome Funival in La Daille.


The lower run is Rhone Alpes, a groomed black that is one of the easiest in the area. The middle is Piste M, one of the harder reds on the mountain because it is icy, crowded, and gets bumped up. And then the mogul field in the upper right hand corner of the photo is Piste S.


The Marais lift and the Siléne black piste, which is your average bumped up black that has a decent (about 1.5k ft) vertical drop. The Siléne piste is the run that starts in the upper right hand corner and swings to just to the right of the chair and skiing to the left of those rocks. The skiers below the chair are off piste.


The Oeillet piste is visible in the darkness of this picture, which is the mogul field in between the dirt patches. It's pretty much an easier version of Siléne, as it is about the same width, length, and a little less steep. The Palafour lift is to the left of Oeillet.


This is an off piste 30ish degree couloirish thing to the side of The Face.


The Borsat Express, which services beginner terrain.


The Fontaine Froide in the foreground, with Grand Pre in the background in the shade on the opposite mountain. Not far to the rightside of this photo is the Borsat Express. Just shows the vastness of this place.


And here's a video of me skiing:

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Spectacular, pic #2 gives the incline pretty clearly with all those mogul pockmarks, and I love the train, where does it begin and end? And the one with every single line ava-lanche-d out , dude, that is a sight.. 

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Not that it really matters but your pics should be definitely be seen by those in the Eurozone thread. Since I am not familiar anyway, so Espace Killy, geographically is linked by ski route or piste to Val D'Isere - yes? 

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The Espace Killy is an area in the French Alps, with massive 300 km of pistes consisting of two areas: Tignes and Val D'Isere, each with a respectable 150 km of pistes.


Oh, and pic #2 of Saltons and Epaule du Charvet looks like a painting IMO.

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Great stuff!


Thanks Skiking,


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Dude, the video is pretty cool. You like those moguls, then again you are a good skiier, I am 1 year into it now, so two seasons and the moguls in the afternoon on the red runs in Lech-Zurs killed me, was so tired !

Here on this thread are a few pics of my boy on the Black at Zurs, do not know the angle of incline, but you can see, it was "vertical" ... I slid my way down, my boy carved up a storm going down!



many of the pics you posted belong on the wall! 

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Ready to get my tickets.  That place is massive.

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I would also like to add this, which is a piste map of the pistes I skied (about 85% of my runs were spent on piste, which is much higher than my Kitzbuhel trip where it was more like 30% on piste)



wow that's weird if you click on it it opens a different link and won't let me zoom in....

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