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Scott P4s + Dukes?

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Just picked up a slightly used pair of Marker Dukes and plan to put them on my never skied 191 Scott P4s for a resort side country set-up here in Summit CO (A-Basin, Breck, Copper, etc.).


Does this set-up make sense?  Will there be any issue with the TTs holding skins?  What skins should I be looking at?



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There can be issues with twins holding skins -- hard to clip on at the rear -- but these are not show stoppers in my opinion.  With a little creativity, you can usually solve the problem.  One of the easiest solutions is to file a notch in the tail if makes sense.  Really depends on what kind of rear attachments are on the skins.  When you shop for skins, see what the options are.

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Look at - they have an interesting take on fitting skins to a twin-tipped ski.


Not sure if filing a notch in your ski is the best option, this would allow moisture into the ski. Unless you backfilled with something like epoxy. Is that what you did or just left it exposed? 


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I got a pair of skins from with the twin tip option.  They seem to be good.  I cut the tail off of my twin tip to make it work better.  There was no need to seal the ski against moisture because the core didn't get exposed and the there was no delamination from the cut and grind.  It seems that the tail of a Gotama is base sidewall and topsheet.  None of these materials seem to have the ability to absorb water.  If you cut a notch or remove the tail, use a file or a grinder to get through the edge, then use the saw to cut the ski.  The edge material destroys saw blades. 

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Originally Posted by MEfree30 View Post


Does this set-up make sense?

Touring on a heavy ski with a heavy binding doesn't strike me as the best plan ever hatched.

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Originally Posted by alpinedad View Post


Touring on a heavy ski with a heavy binding doesn't strike me as the best plan ever hatched.

I understand what you are saying and wasn't planning on using this for long tours...Was talking to a former professional extreme skier who tries to ski in Summit, CO all 12 months and he said that you need 4 set-ups for around here with the following details:

     115 mm waist with Dukes

     105 mm waist w/ Fritchi


He didn't give the details of what I assume to be the lighter set-ups, but I got the slightly used Dukes for only a few bucks more than the Griffons that I had planned to put on the P4s...I figure this will make them more versatile by allowing me to use for in resort powder days with the option to take short tours out of some of the back/side gates around here.  Bootpacking some of these can be an option at times, but there are times when the deep light snow makes skinning preferable.


I did a bit of touring on Fritchis with a light weight ski last year and am sure that I benefited on the way up, but didn't really like how they skied on the way down.


I haven't drilled these yet, so what do you see as a better powder days/side country set-up?


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For slack country go Duke.  For touring, go as light as possible, which means Dynafit or G3 Onyx.

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I have this same setup, and it is great for resort skiing with the occasional sidetrip. I really like the P-4 skis. and of course the Dukes are bombproof. I might get a pair of the Tour F-12 to put on the P-4's if I can pick up a pair for cheap this spring.

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I ended up putting the Dukes on 96 mm under foot Fischer Misfits (same ski as the Atua) and did a 1700 vert climb with them Thursday.  Not much to compare them to on the way up as I hadn't skinned in almost 3 years, but I sure liked the set-up on the way down compared to the lighter, narrower Fritchi touring set-up I had used in France.  I also have a number of in resort days with this set-up and feel like the Duke is better on the groomers than my previous X14 binding (extra height=more leverage, plus I moved it back 2.5 cm) and just as good everywhere else.


For the P4s, I put some Griffons on them and like it as a powder ski and for big GS turns on groomers.  The P4 is a very solid ski, but definitely wants to go straighter than the Misfit which can be good or bad depending on what you want to do.  Heavier and more work in the bumps, but more stable at speed than the Misfits.    

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Seems fine to me. I am sure you three will be very happy together. Heh!
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Yes, the P-4's are not super agile, but good in soft, loose snow conditions, and great in deep snow. I have a pair of Scott Punishers that I really like a lot for bumps and just playing on harder snow conditions. The Dukes are heavy for long tours , but for short tours are fine.

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