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Influence of personal experience on instruction

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I get the impression that for some instructors here at Epic their personal experiences influence them as much or even more than their observations and experiences. I don't mean this to be a cynical observation and perhaps it is just a consequence of the influence of electronic communications but I think it would be interesting to explore this topic. So, I offer a simple poll that rates the relative weighting of experience from teaching vs. personal experience in terms of influence on instructional approach.

Please note that this is really a poll for instructors in regards to the relative proportion of personal vs. teaching experienced that have influenced their teaching. See discussion below for further clarification.

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rather close to the poll I just started(we should have put them into one poll and saved time)
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Bob, it's kind of the inverse question. Your poll gave me the impetus as I have thought about this before and am interested to learn about people's impressions.
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I didn't respond to the poll, because I don't think I understand the question. Aren't all of my experiences personal experiences, and all of my observations also experiences?
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Like all polls I am sure that I could do much better based on feedback. But to try and clarify - by personal I meant your own skiing outside of teaching situations -i.e. what has and has not worked for you in your own skiing. This obviously can be different that what has and has not worked for your students.

Hope this helps.
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Before I respond to the poll, I want to make sure I have the question right.

Are you asking: "Do I teach people by using what worked for me in my own skiing, or do I teach what seems to have worked for the students I have taught in the past?"?
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Thanks for taking the time to clarify. Yes that's pretty much it. Obviously there is a lot of human bias involved as people often reflect their own experiences into their observations of others' performances. So I would hope that people will just be as honest as possible.
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I voted. I typically use the following techniques when teaching:

- exercises that traditionally work
- something that worked for me (like clinic exercises)
- something new I makeup to suit the situation I am in

the last option is something that I have not done often, but it's been vital to getting past a learning "road block".

loking forward to a good season...
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Thanks Si. I voted.

I definitely use both. I'll start with which ever method seems like it would work best for the student, by checking out the way the student seems to learn and grasp ideas. For anything I'm trying to teach, I always have a few ways of teaching it (as most instructors do), but what I've found is that if I start into something and they don't get it right away, I'll immediately go another route. Usually, when one way of teaching something is going to work, a light bulb will come on nice and bright in the student's head almost instantly. If I don't see that light bulb come on quickly, I know that if I stick with that thought pattern, it will take a long time for the student to get it.
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