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WTFH House of Hugh

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Who is Hugh? Alternatively: "Hugh is Hugh?" or "Hugh is Hugh"


More to the point .... how are hugh?


WTFH mentions from time to time that he has a relative called Hugh D. Fox Hat, so this thread is dedicated to Hugh D.


We have a very famous TV series over here in the United Kingdom called Doctor Hugh, and we have 'knock-knock' jokes which go like this:


Joker: "Knock knock"

Respondent: "Hugh's there"

Joker: You've just destroyed the joke


If you have any other Hugh gags we look forward to hearing from hugh.

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Hugh D is not related to Hugh Jarse, our old friend.

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Hugh've got it in one

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It is a special delight to have all this incredible brit humor (humour) here!  Great stuff!


Uhhhh......what are you guys talkin' about?

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Hugh U talking 'bout? 

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No joke - but it's funny:


The spokesperson and the guy you hear on the phone for snow reports at Smugglers' Notch is Hugh Johnson. He says his middle name is his mothers maiden name - and her family name was Mongous. 

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Let's get this straight - his name is Hugh Mongous Johnson?


I agree. If I was Hugh Mongous Johnson I wouldn't regard that as a joke at all.

How do you pronounce Mongous?

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If you the guy with hugh mongus johnson, you will pronounce it any way you want, it still not too shabby.

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Is this the same guy as Hugh Gilbert Rection, also known as Hugh G. Rection?

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We got a baseball player over here.


He plays first base.


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This is true.  I kid not.  This is my former in-laws.  Nice people but with a strange family propensity for names.



Harry Cockshott



George, Dick, Jack





George is the one who missed the whole thing.  He went to seminary and became a priest.  


Dick was a professor and Jack a psychologist, Betty was a housewife and worked in a pharmacy.


So we have big Harry Cockshott and his sons Dick Cockshott and Jack Cockshott.  Daughter Betty didn't miss this one but it was by marriage that she joined the crowd.  She married Phil Box and became Betty Cockshott Box.


By the way, Dick, my former father in law, changed his last name legally when his daughter (my ex) was born.  He had taken enough in school and the Army Air Corps during WWII and wasn't about to put his children through the same wringer. 

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Hank Hill knows Hugh.




" I tell Hugh what......"


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