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WTFH House of Hummer

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Sorry, things are getting desperate. The WTFH House of Hummer: an XXL garage near Milton Keynes.


Would Fox drive a Hummer? I'm no expert on motorway patrolling, but I guess these vehicles are made for the cutting-edge traffic reporter: customised Radio 2 paint-job, satellite dish, karaoke system, hat compartment etc.



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Completely different post than I thought it might be.  ;)

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No, I wouldn't drive one. I'm happy with my Alfa and the AA.

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You'll need AA after the weekend if reports of the last Tgness bar bills are correct

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Who reported them? I don't believe anyone actually saw how much I paid! (but it would have paid for a week in a luxury apartment with 6 others in Utah)

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Whatever, we all wish you a happy hour in Tignes. Sounds like you're going to need it, or a well-stocked ATM machine.

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I've got that one solved. I'm going to have a word with Darling about going back to British numbering systems, and our economy will be in much better shape, cause rather than being £1 trillion in debt, we'll actually be £1 billion.


For our American friends, it goes like this, following the simple logic that you build up using the basics (ten, hundred, thousand, million) but you never repeat, and you must use them all before you go to the next level:




Ten Thousand

Hundred Thousand


Ten million

Hundred million

Thousand million (US Billion)

Ten Thousand million

Hundred Thousand million

Billion (a Bi - million) (US Trillion)

Ten billion

Hundred billion

Thousand billion (US Quadrillion)

Ten Thousand billion

Trillion (a Tri - million) (US Quintillion)


..ok, I'm bored with this now.

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Ah, but the more we play in the Billion/Trillion area the more our $$$s will become Monopoly money.


With inflation, everyone will become millionaires.  Of course bread will be $5000 a loaf.

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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post

No, I wouldn't drive one. I'm happy with my Alfa ...

That's a shame. I thought you'd want to play along with this fantasy. It would be like driving a high-speed piste machine up the M1.

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