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The name of KT22

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Me and my friends are discussing the name of KT22, we all know it name after owner’s wife who need kick turn 22 times to ski down the slope.
Then we go into a bit of debate as which run did she took, and how can she use kick turn to ski down, as kick turn is just a way to change direction in a narrow place. Any one has more inside?
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Not necessarily just a narrow place.  Any place she wanted to change direction.  I would imagine it was kick turn, traverse, kick turn, traverse. 

KT's a tuff area, can you imagine skiing it in crappy conditions with 40 year old equipment?

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I thought KT22 was named after some peak in the himilayas (or maybe somewhere else where they were just numbering them at the time).

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Just wonder why she did not use hop turn, jump turn or pedal turn as these give her some vertical distance?
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

I thought KT22 was named after some peak in the himilayas (or maybe somewhere else where they were just numbering them at the time).

Himalaya's peak is K2..

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Originally Posted by cfr View Post


Himalaya's peak is K2..

That's the second one, I'm sure there are at least 22 peaks in the Himalaya's.  Maybe in the Alps.  Maybe just a take of on K2.  Or maybe it was named kt22 in it's own right for one of the reason's given above., just brainstorm'n.

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This from a Google search, pretty much follows the story as I heard it from locals in the early 60's. If she was in the trees, probably not any of the current named runs, but as I heard it, she went down to the left of Strawberry Fields and Exhibition. 

"The name of the chairlift was inspired by Gladys “Sandy” Poulsen, otherwise known as the First Lady of Squaw Valley. She started her life as a New York City debutante, but soon longed for a life of adventure. Perhaps this is why she decided to take a ski trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. It was there that she met her future husband, Wayne Paulsen. After the couple married, they moved to Squaw Valley, California, and began developing real estate in the area.

The story of KT-22 begins with a ski trip. While the Squaw Valley ski resort was being designed in 1948, Sandy and her husband Wayne were skiing down a steep slope. Her husband was an expert skier, who liked to carve his turns. He urged his wife to do the same. However, Sandy was not so advanced. In fact, she was so terrified of the steep terrain that she traversed into the trees and she made what she thought was a secret kick turn. As it turns out, her turns were not so secret. Her husband was waiting at the bottom of the slope and calmly told her that she had performed 22 kick turns to get to the bottom. The area was named KT-22 for Sandy's 22 kick turns." 



Don't think there's any KT22 in Asia, sorry Ghost. 

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