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I must apologise for my friend from Belfast.


The spelling adopted for this section of Epic is 'Queen's English'. We include the letter 'u' in words such as 'humour', 'tumour', 'hour', 'our' and so on. Americans are more economical, spelling these words as 'humor', 'tumor', 'hor' and 'or'.


I've just read reports on another ski forum that Fox is supplying live traffic reports on a BBC radio station here in England. I don't listen to Radio 2 so I've not heard any. I don't know why he's doing this but it would be great to hear one, or see a transcription. The story is that they've banned his full name because it sounds like an Irishman swearing due to the fact that he doesn't know where he is.


I was wondering if Fox could do us a 'motorway piste report' from the French Alps?

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Edited by David Goldsmith - 4/22/2009 at 07:49 am GMT
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David, the rumoUrs on other sites about my traffic reports are correct. On some occassions they do read out my full name, which induces mirth from the old TOGmeister (being a fellow Irishman, he understands).


I shall prepare a few piste reports over the weekend, and perhaps submit one here to advise you of the conditions on the Grande Motte

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Yes, please tell us if there are any cones on the piste.

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and perhaps you could give us a breakdown of how cheaply you can ski for a week in Tigness, excluding your personal ski instructors bar bill of course

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It's my "personal instructor's" turn to get the bar bill!


Transfer + meals + accomodation is around £100 based on two people sharing a room with ensuite for the three days.

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A not unattractive price.

Does the transfer include traffic updates and alerts? And what do you do if you can't receive Radio 2 in France?

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If I can't receive Radio 2, then the BBC are lying about their live broadcasts being on the interwebthingy. As an alternative, I may submit my alerts to Europe2

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I'm told that Radio Cirencester is excellent

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I thought it was closed down years ago - something to do with a burger being flipped into the wrong part of the transmitter.

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WTFH -  is there a correct part of a transmitter into which a burger can be flipped ? 

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Depends on what spatula your using ;)


I don't know where it goes, but if you have a burger illegally boosting your signal you can expect to be shut down.

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Originally Posted by IncogSkiSno View Post

WTFH -  is there a correct part of a transmitter into which a burger can be flipped ? 


Welcome, Incog!


Yes, there is, particularly if it's microwave transmitter, then flip it into the oven bit - isn't that how you make most of your burnt offerings? ;)

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