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Top Sheet Refurb

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About a year ago I bought a cheap pair of Fisher Atuas. These skis have the common high gloss clear coat on the topsheet that gets scratched up pretty easily. Although the bases of the pair I have were pretty good the tops looked like garbage. After a couple of days and finding I really liked the way they ski I decided to screw around and try to fix the topsheets. Figured I wouldn't make them any worse.


After a couple of failed attempts I went to Home Depot and searched the spray paint isle for something to recoat them. I had tried a few things I had at home but got poor results and after a couple of days skiing the coating started to crack off. The best candidate I could find was Verathane Spar Urethane (exterior). After wetsanding all the old coating off and getting down to a smooth sanded finish I applied the Verathane. At this point I discovered this is a waterbased product. It sprays out really thick and gloppy. My hopes for a good result were pretty low but I finished the one heavy coat and set them in a warm room to dry. It is impossible to apply this stuff in a thin coat or even in what I would call a uniform manner. Checking back in about 30 minutes I discovered the coating had flowed out into a perfectly level coating. I had chosen the semi-gloss as my previous attempts had been with gloss and had not been good. Next morning I checked and the results look factory. Not the shiny gloss but a nice semi-gloss that is perfectly uniform. But will it hold up?


I have had these out at least five times since I did this. I don't ski over my tops very much, nor cross my tails either, but they still look near perfect. Flexing in the cold has not caused any flaking or cracking that I can see. I think it's going to hold up really well.

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I'd like to know how that product holds up for you.  I am a professional painter and generally have a low opinion of waterborne clear finishes.  Skis aren't subjected to long term exposure to the elements so if the coating is tough enough to survive some scratching it should do well.  A friend of mine wants to paint his top sheets.  You could do the artwork and top coat with something like what you used.  The most important thing is to do good surface prep.  It sounds like you spent some time on that.  Good luck. 

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I didn't realize it was waterbased when I bought it or I probably would have passed.  Like I said it's been perfect so far. I'm surprised as well. Time will tell.


I mostly just wet sanded with 200 then 400 grit silicon carbide paper to get the old scratches out. A quick wipedown with acetone before I sprayed was all I did.

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Back when I really cared about my ski's appearance and kept them for years, once glossed a pair up like you'd do with a car: Medium jeweler's rouge, followed by polishing compound/fine grade, all with a buffer attached to a high rpm drill. Worked fine, pretty close to original, although didn't get off the really deep stuff. Your approach sounds simpler. 

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You know I tried car polish to begin with but I guess I didn't have anything course enough to work on this finish. Kind of did nothing. I then tried it after some 600 grit sanding, again nothing. I was using power tools as well.

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