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All waxes 50% off thru April

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All waxes are marked down 50% and you get free shipping over $75 at www.racewax.com


Use the 10% off code to get more 10PMM in the checkout cart.


Thanks & have a great summer,


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Mark is this still good? I need stuff!

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It is now 20%.  I'll take care of you, just order.  You should get on my mailing list so you get advance notices on sales.   

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missed this one
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Send me a PM with what you need and I will take care of you.

BTW we are announcing a new weekly special program in the next week that will feature big ticket items at very low prices in limited quantities.

The best way to get notification is to

1. sign up for our newsletter on www.racewax.com
2. be a Facebook fan at Racewax FaceBook Fan Page
3. be a twitter follower at twitter.com/racewax

Get 'm waxed!
Doctor D
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