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Atomic 920 OR Volkl AC 3Motion

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Hi all, I am a newbie here... About to buy my first pair of skis (5-11, 160lbs, low-intermidiate who prefers to be on the groomed slopes) and need some advice. I have narrowed down to the following two:

  • Atomic 920: (link) Offered by SkiersOutlet.com. They claim that its a copy of Atomic 9.18 Plus exclusively made for them. Does anyone know of this?
  • Volkl AC 3Motion: (link) Offered by REI.com.


I do like Volkl but am worried that I might outgrow the AC 3Motion sooner than the 920. I am budget conscious, and dont want to spend too much on my first pair. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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No takers?

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Have you demoed any skis? If so what and how was that experience?


I am not familiar with the Atomic 920 so you will have to hope someone else can advise on it. I have tried the AC3 and find it to be a solid ski with strong grip and versatility. I am not even sure if this an easy ski to ski for a low intermediate. This is definitely able to ski groomed blue and black runs. IMO I doubt this would be a ski you would grow out of for groomed trails if you buy the right length for your size. This is not a bad all around ski that could later become part of a quiver with a few niche skis should your needs expand.


Why have you narrowed down to these two choices? What were the other close contenders and why did you drop them?


Something to think about. In just 5 years of skiing I have had various reasons to be happy I bought ski gear locally or somehwere near where I ski. I have had many adjustment and a few warrantly claims that probably would not have been possible with an online shop or at the very least would have been more cumbersome. I could be wrong but I would investegate that element before buying. For me I use the online sites to price gear and then hunt for somewhere local that is as competitive or nearly as competitive. Knowing that I will get the service element is worth paying a little extra.

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I haven't skied either ski (nor do I know anyone who has)  so I can't offer much in the way of first-hand knowledge. 


However, I wanted to point out (in case you weren't aware) that the  Volkl ski that jmcosmo commented on, the AC3, is NOT the same ski that REI is offering.   The nomenclature is a bit confusing, but the AC3 (which was replaced last year by the AC30) was a teriffic ski, but probably too demanding for your current skill level.  The current AC 3Motion seems appropriate, according to Volkl's website.  If you are fairly athletic and plan to ski a lot and improve fairly rapidly, the Volkl AC20 might be worth considering, and would give you plenty of headroom over the AC 3Motion.  If you can still find them, some shops were dumping them for around $300.00, which is a steal for that ski.

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