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3 degree for soft snow ski?

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A friend recently put a 3 sb on his soft snow ski. He claims is won't make a difference on soft snow but will help on harder snow. Granted, it sounds logical but my thought is that a 1:1 is preferable on soft snow skis as you want them to slide as needed and it's easier to butter them; any edge will start to become grabby. I am not sure of the advantage if your soft snow skis are really just used on fresh/broken, soft groomers and occasional hard patches.  This may not be a "your right or wrong" but more of preference thing. Any ideas/thoughts/comments?

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I use 3 degrees because I don't want to buy more guides. I really don't think that side bevel will have any negative effects in soft snow. For that matter I doubt that you'd feel base bevel very much.

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more need to maintain though??

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

more need to maintain though??

That's what they say. But I haven't noticed increased wear.

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From everything I have heard/read, the only real downside to 3-deg is that it is technically going to be less durable than 2-deg or 1-deg when it comes to things like rock strikes.  Same issue with chef's knives really -- sharper angles are less durable and need to be honed more often.

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