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Lumbar Pack/Shovel

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I've been toying with this idea as a sidecountry alternative to skiing with a pack. Thinking about getting Lifelink poles to act as a probe and a lumbar pack big enough to accomodate a shovel and handle.


Anyone tried this? Any thoughts?

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Probe poles are basically bogus as a rescue tool.  I ski with them, but also carry a real probe that is long enough to do the job and deploys quickly and hassle free.  Check out the life link sling blade?  It is a very minimal "pack" that will carry a shovel and probe and not much else.  It is very small and low profile and does it's job well. 

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Before you trust your friend's life to probe poles, try using them as a probe in a field situation.  You'll get over that idea.  They take forever to assemble, they don't penetrate and remove well, and they are short.  


If you're looking for a trim way to pack, you can always use a couple of Voilé straps to attache the probe to your shovel handle and then use some webbing or cord like pack straps to sling the shovel over your shoulders.  

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OK, probe poles suck. There's 100 bucks I don't need to spend. But has anyone tried either the Tourmarque cirque lumbar pack or one of those probe/shovel carry vests?

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I have seen some vest packs that look pretty cool.  A few patrollers are using them and some freeriders as well.  The folks I've talked with like them.  I don't recall who makes them.  I would do sling blade or webbing as Bob Lee suggests. 

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Lumbar packs, much like S.O.B. (small of back) holsters place hard steel in a very bad place, next to your vertebrate.


I wouldn't ski with either.....

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I'm thinking that from the balance point of view the vest might be good.

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Thats the one I see in the Tram Line. 

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Yeah, think I might have to get one of those.

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