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Help: Dynastar Contact 10?

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So it's time again for me to try my luck at buying clearance skis w/o a demo.


So I'm 5'8", 158 lbs, consider myself a level 7-8.  I love my Dynastar Legend 8000 Fluid at 172cm.


Relevant info:  I demo'ed the Dynastar Contact 4x4 (165cm) this weekend.  To summarize, I'm too light/weak to put this ski into full flex.  Never got a clean medium-radius turn out of them, which turned them into straight-lining missiles down a black slope.  Well, not literally straightlining, but I mean with these things I was had no hope of controlling my speed in linked carves; I'd just be in the fall-line most of the time for how little I could get them to flex.

So now I have a chance to pick up some Dynastar Contact 10 (165 cm) for a steal.  Can anybody tell me if I have a chance of getting these to work the way they were intended?


My anticipated usage for these would be mid-winter, when it hasn't snowed for awhile.  I want these to handle icy conditions better than my L8Ks.


More relevant info:  I also demo'ed the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel (170cm).  I had no problems getting these to work as they should, but didn't find them as smooth and and stable as my L8Ks.  Plus, too much quiver overlap.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi DtEW - I owned a previous named Contact 10 in a 172, am 165 lbs, found it about right for my size and mission. Very nice ski, incredibly versatile. Wish I still had it. Bit of tip deviation at speed, but all Dynastars I've skied do that, not related to actual hold. Agree about the Nordies; one's I've skied, are nice but not as smooth or grippy as I anticipated.


I'd suspect the 165 Contact would work for you as a frontside/bump ski at reasonable speeds. If you pushed them, would guess you'd notice the length. But the 172 would have too much overlap with your 8K's, so the 165 might be just the deal. If it's a great deal. 

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Thanks, beyond.  They can be had off some Ebay liquidators for $350, shipping included.  I did end up picking up a pair in 165 cm, as my secondary intent was to bias them toward a smaller turn than the L8Ks.  It doesn't really get that icy here near Tahoe.  And this might explain why I demo'ed the Top Fuel, despite the obvious quiver overlap.

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Just a quick update for archival purposes:


The Dynastar Contact 10 (nee Contact Limited, Contact 11) has a fairly long effective edge for its length.  This is relative to my other skis, which are non-carver-style.


For example, my 172cm Dynastar Legend 8000 has an effective edge only 1 cm longer than that of my 165cm Contact 10.  This implies that a 172cm Contact 10 will have an effective edge 6cm longer than the nominally-comparable 172cm Legend 8000.

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I'm late in this thread, but I just wanted to say how much fun these skis are, you will love them. Very forgiving, but they carve some really mean turns. Excellent for bumps too, especially when it hasn't snowed in a while.


I wonder why you didn't get the Contact 4x4 to work for you. I demo the 172s (I ski the contact Ltds in 165, 5'8'', 165lbs) and really love them, even with the added length I didn't feel like I couldn't manage them.

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just seeing how you went with the contact 10 s. From your description, we are very similar in height, weight, skiing etc and have these oin my short list ... i prefer someting that will do  short turns easy ...
regards, Rod
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reserva, sorry for the late response to this thread.  I only got to put my 2009 Dynastar Contact 10 (165m) to snow last weekend.

Please keep in mind that I only had one day on them, and conditions that day were post-corduroy hardpack, very little ice, no slush in the afternoon.  Very nice and non-challenging.

I thought they were remarkably easy to ski with no bad traits.  The skis preferred carving medium-short turns, but they weren't grabby to the point where I would have to fight them to skarve or skid.  The skis required a minimum of technique, as carve engagement wasn't automatic, but close.  I think that's a good thing.  I thought the general flavor was along the lines of my L8K (172cm), but obviously turnier, a deeper carver, with tips that stayed quieter at higher speeds

The more surprising aspect about them was how well they handled bumps.  At the same time, I did not take them through moguls.

I guess if there was a "bad" thing about them, it was how they encouraged you to go faster and faster. They're just so efficient at getting into a clean carve and effortless at linking carves that there is very little reduction in speed.  This did get me into trouble at the end of the day, in which pilot error/fatigue caused a a high-speed yardsale with a 50-foot scatter.  I was lucky to get away with some deep bruises and minor strain to my Achilles.

But yes, these are great skis for hardpack days.  Had I had demoed them with the Contact 4x4's and Volkl Tigershark 10ft that one demo day last season, there would have been no question that the Contact 10's were the ones that worked for me.  (I didn't, but I obviously got lucky.)
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