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Help choosing new gear?

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Hi folks- new to the forum, glad to find it.


I'm looking to buy new skis while there are some great sales on, but am not sure where to start.  I've done some research, but it seems like there's a lot of conflicting advice.  Would love some extra input.  Ideally, I'd be able to demo in advance, but that's not an option so I'm ok with buying now & just re-selling next season if I end up with something that doesn't work out.


About me: I'm about to retire, 60 yrs old, 6'2" 190 lbs and am pretty athletic and in good shape (save for some knee problems now and then).  I've only been able to ski about 10-15 days a year in the past & would consider myself a level 7/aspiring level 8 skier.  In retirement, I expect to at least double my number of days.  I'm looking for a great all mountain ski for primarily western (CO & WY) conditions.  I'm not overly aggressive because of my knee probs, but like to challenge myself & hope to continue to improve my technique.


Anybody have any suggestions for particular brands/models that might fit my needs that I should look into, sizing, etc?  I've got boots I love already, so am set there. Thanks in advance.

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disclaimer: i know very little



for size, i would think you would want something between 177 and 185ish. maybe more.



check out volkl gotamas. they seem like a popular one ski quiver ski for western skiers.

volkl mantra. also a good ski. pretty stiff so if you like moguls, not the greatest.


thats really all im familliar with so i won't give you any info i don't know. good luck!

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Lot's of good choices...You'll get more focused info if you tell us what qualities that you are looking for in a ski- what skis have you been on in the past and what have you liked/disliked about them?  Do you prefer damp or lively, turny or more stable, soft or stiff, etc? 


Now that you are retired, are you going to be able to time your skiing to hit mostly powder/soft snow days, or will you plan trips in advance and ski whatever is there?  If the former, you might like a medium flexing ski that is at least 90 mm in the waist as a 1SQ.  If you can't pick your days, I would probably go for something in the mid 80s for a 1SQ if you spend a good amount of time off piste, narrower if you stay mostly on marked runs and want better carving ability.      

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Thanks for the feedback.


I will get to pick and choose my days, so yes- more soft snow/powder days and spring skiing. 


I've always demo'd, never owned, and can't say I can identify any particular qualities or brands that stuck out (sorry- I know that's not terribly helpful).  I remember disliking one pair because they seemed too chattery at high speeds, and another b/c they felt cumbersome and slow.  As I said, I like to challenge myself but because of my knees, I don't ski bumps all that often.  I'd like something I can enjoy myself on without having to put too much more stress on my knees or work-super hard (ah, retirement!). 


Does that help at all? 

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