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Aspen Question

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Weems, since your profile says you live in Aspen...

Is there any way to predict roughly when they'll open the highway east of town over Independence Pass? I've been reading Lou Dawson's book about spring hiking/skiing from the pass, and I'm wondering about when to think about visiting. Is it usually late May, June, etc?


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Usually late May, but I think much earlier this season. There's not much snow up there this year.
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Hi Bob

Check out colorado dept. of transportation

It's not clear how long "after Memorial Day weekend".....

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Weems & Lurking Bear:

Thanks for the replies. That site should be very useful. Looks like maybe this isn't the year to come visit.

The tram at Jackson Hole opens for the summer on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. I think we'll go up there and hike/ski from there.

Thanks again,

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