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Well, I wrapped up a 3-day xteam clinic at Sugarbush this weekend and overall I had a terrific time, learned a lot and certainly plan on being a repeat student in future clinics.
I think anyone at an intermediate or above level would really be able to kick their skiing up a notch.

I have a couple of qualifications. The instruction was not as structured as some clinics are and at times the program seemed disorganized. These guys are so far past the ability level of the students that taking time to teach, what to them, must be fundamental skills, I think gets routine. That came through and in some sessions there was a lot of "follow me in a long line down the hill" and not much personal feedback at times. However, after saying that, I believe watching "our leaders" ski was as instructive as having someone telling "do this, do that". They set an astonishing example. Part of the experience is just getting yourself out of your comfort zone so you'll challenge yourself to learn and improve.

The instructors are all engaging down-to-earth personalities, which really adds to the fun level. John Egan is a real character and seems sincerely interested in helping you improve. You can't help but pick-up his enthusiasm and go getter attitude and that might be the most important lesson.