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Eldora lands a "Bear"

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The new SSD @ Eldora does not want to make a big deal about his position, however, I thought all of you would be interested.

Our very own Robin will be my new boss. He also will run rentals, retail, as well as the ski/snowboard school.

I hope a few Bears will come visit our little piece of heaven. It's great skiing, nonexistent lift lines, a friendly staff. We're not Summit County and don't pretend to be!

Congratulations on the new position Robin!
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WOW!!! How lucky can you get??? Congrats to both of you! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet him while he was here.
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Looks like the Eldora ski school just got better.
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Congrats, Robin, and you won't meet a finer person than Rusty Guy.

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Ott- You're a nice guy. There isn't anything more fun than making turns with Ott. I don't want to beat a dead horse, however, I was worried we were going to have a dead horse. The day before we skied Ott gets his clock cleaned by a skier and has the mother of all stiff necks. We're skiing the next day and it's clear the altitude is bothering him. The reason....pneumonia!!!!

The big fella is a tough cookie.
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When two fellows of the caliber of Rusty Guy and Bob Barnes show up unannouced in my hotel lobby asking to ski with me I'm not going to allow little things like a concussion and pneumonia stop me. Would anybody?

BTW, Rusty, it was a snowboarder who gave me that concussion, not a skier, though that's incidental, a skier hitting me from behind with such force would have done the same thing.

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Congrats, Robin, although I think the real congratulations are due to Eldora! Thanks for making it public, Rusty--it's about time the cat got out of the bag!

Robin--the Rocky Mountain Division just got even stronger with your return. I look forward to skiing with you, and bouncing ideas off you in person! When do you expect to make the move? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help get you settled in.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks guys and girls! We are pretty stoked about the move! Going back to the land of some many friends and mentors! Only a 5 hour drive to visit the casa in NM.
Rusty and the folks at Eldora have been great during this transition, and though I leave a wonderful staff and many exciting changes here (new kids center, 2 long carpets, ss ticket office etc. for next season) I really can't wait for the drive east...over the river, up through Flag and onto the rockies....whew, HOME!
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You mean I don't have to fly to Ontario, CA and drive thru miles of marine layer to see my old Compadre'? Excellent! Be seeing you at the Edwin this year! Just found out that my boss will send me down to RM for that!! Congratulations Robin!!! Rusty, Take care of him for us! The Free-dogger in him can get the best of him sometimes.

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What's the Edwin?
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Rocky Mountain Division's Southern Areas host a yearly clinic in memory of a man by the name of Edwin Terrel. I never met the man, but he was known by his colleagues as a forward-thinking teacher and a fantastic individual, from the stories I've heard anyway. He passed on a few years back and a group of his friends began gathering every Spring to mull over "new" thoughts on skiing and play with any new gadgets being introduced to the industry. (I've attended "Edwins" involving snow bikes, blades, Elan PSX Shorts, etc.)

Subject matter has included the Dogmatic nature of the teaching industry, patterns of movement in skiing, Kinesthetics, Linear vs. Lateral teaching/learning, and one particular clinic was simply a snorkel-snow extravaganza in Santa Fe, NM. We discussed direct to parallel teaching for a while, but the steep and deep called too loudly and we had to go get some on us!!!!

It's an open forum on skiing and teaching and all attendees are encouraged to participate. Many of us have gotten our time on the soap box while some of the most talented pros in the region stand and LISTEN. It's great. I've gotten some of the best feed-back ever from these sessions. I missed last year's gathering and I look forward to going this coming season.

Anyway, Robin, when you get settled in, give a brutha' a call and I'll see if we can come visit!!! Anything more to add about the Edwin? I would think that some its information would get gobbled up here. I, for one, plan on posting the happenings of this Springs' clinic and see what people think.

YAY ROBIN!!!! Can't tell you how glad it makes us and ours that you are back in the Rockies..."I Tell You What" (remember that? hahaha)

happy days,
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Nolo, I think I have mentioned the Edwin before...I know Todd has attended, and we discussed it. The real catylist for the event (I think 12th or so) is the GURU, Milt Beens. Milt and I worked with Edwin in Purgatory in 83-84...Edwin was a DCL, Race coach from Santa Fe....anyway, he died of an edema climbing in Nepal (buried there in his sleeping bag) and the southern district (RM) took it hard. Milt started a fund with his folks, scholarships are awarded to each southern school and the rest is history! Last year we did Tai Chai on skis...sorry you missed it Spag...drove all the way to Colorado from SoCal to be there!
Certainly an eclectic group of real free thinking talent!
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Cograts on the new position. I have a question, did Chris E stay on bord or move on to greener pastures?

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CDC, as I understand it, Chris is running a successful construction crew...and doing well!
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Congrats to Robin ! Eldora is getting an excellent ski school dirctor,and we here at Mountian High are loosing one!
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Yeah, I remembered it was Uncle Miltie's Leadership Conference. (I thought the others might like to know what goes on behind the veil.)
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Congrats Robin! a few of the Keystone crew went to Eldora for exams and clinics this season, and were most complimentary about it.
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Robin- I've been trying to recruit Ant to join us as opposed to going to one of those "fancy" resorts. I guess we're a little fancier now that we have a new base facility!

To any and all. If you want great terrain, great snow especially late season upslope dumps, and a great place to teach come join us!

Edit for spelling

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Are you already on the payroll, Rusty? The big truck is, I am signing off from SoCal for the last time! See you in CO! Go Av's!
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"Go Avs"? If it's gonna be THAT way, Robin, I'm going to have to visit just to set your car on fire. You're not going to seriously be one of those "proximity fans", are you? (haha)

Give me a ring when you get settled. Maybe I can take a long weekend. Have a safe move.

Spag. :
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Yeah, Rusty's got an aussie to email me with his experiences at Eldora. It sounds lovely, surely it has bad points?! what about snow, do you get lots of it????? Made the darn place sound like Ski Heaven.
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It's like anywhere else. Some years good some years bad. It does have a great snowmaking system to get the year started. It's famous for spring upslopes that will dump a great deal of snow.

The former SSD was there for six years and said he never saw it rain. I've known it to rain down in Nederland at 8k and be snowing like mad at our base 9.2k

The guy who emailed you Ant would be a good person to talk to about income. He worked ALL the time and stayed very busy. He was a snowboarder and a great guy to work with.

We had a great time working together.
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