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Help me Heli-ski before I hit 50!

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OK, here is an end-of-season challenge.... help me figure out the ideal heli-ski adventure.  I hate to admit that I have not yet been heli-skiing, and also hate to admit that I will turn 50 next year.  Help me avoid this embarrassing situation by recommending a destination.


The complicating factor is that I have skiing, but not heli-skiing spouse and daughter.  To retain familial bliss, it would be beneficial to find a location where I can do a few days of heli-skiing while the family is able to do some resort skiing.  Even better would be someplace that has resort, cat and heli-ski options that could be mixed and matched as appropriate.  Of course, if there is a life changing experience that would involve blowing off the family, let's hear it.  I figure that I have a full year to lobby, and the remainder of a lifetime to seek forgiveness.


If it helps - located in the Pacific Northwest, I am a Level 2 instructor.  Have skied in most, if not all, the usual places in the US East and Rockies, and to a lesser extent, far West (recent transplant).


So, fire away - I look forward to hearing your ideas and experiences.



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Kicking Horse and Revelstoke Mt. have close  heli skiing by the day. Check Golden and Revelstoke heli operations.  You have great resort skiing with heli skiing as an option.

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Revelstoke has taken over the formerly independent CAT Powder Skiing and Selkirk-Tangiers Heli operations.  These can all now be booked from the new resort.  My 3 days at Revelstoke this season:



CMH has a heli operation in Revelstoke, and there's a new heli operator, Eagle Pass, just 27km west of town. I managed to get a short notice day there Feb. 7: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=7668


But if you want that "life-changing experience," with a nearby resort, I have to recommend Alyeska and Chugach Powder Guides: http://www.firsttracksonline.com/News/2007/10/29/North-by-Northwest:-Skiing-Alaska%27s-Alyeska-Resort-&-Chugach-Powder-Guides/


For both Alyeska and Revelstoke your wife and daughter need to be solid intermediates.  Alyseka has a bit of beginner terrain, Revelstoke virtually none.  Lift service at Alyeska is only 1,000 acres, somewhat small for a whole week for an intermediate.  But there are other activities in the area your family might enjoy.

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I agree with everything Tony said, but I have also skied Alyeska ski area, and with Chugach Powder Guides.  By their own admission they only fly 50% of the time because of the weather, so planning anything  definite is rather difficult.  Because of the multiple heli operations around the Reve-Golden area you have more possibilities for single day or few day heli skiing, which is why that came to mind first.


You can also go to Salt Lake City and ski any of the areas around there and do a day or two with Wasatch Heli Guides.

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I appreciate the input, and particularly Tony's trip reports on Revelstoke and heliskiing.

I think I would choose Interior BC over Alask.a, as it it potentially driveable for me.

My wife and daughter are at least solid intermediates, so I think would have no problem there.

We've been to the SLC area numerous times, so I think that might hold a little less attaction as a combo heli/resort ski option.


Any other thoughts?  Has anyone done Cat skiing at Schweitzer?  Worth it?

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You might also consider Whistler.  Try to book as late as possible to ensure good conditions. 

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Points North heli Adventures in Cordova, AK. http://alaskaheliski.com/


Exceptional guides, great organization, heli pads are outside of the lodge, meaning you are flying on count 3 without driving somewhere...







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Hey Larry,

I work with Great Canadian Heli-skiing,(www.canadianheli-skiing.com) so obviously I have a biased opinion, but there is no denying a couple of strengths that we have... so I just had to write! If you fly into Calgary we are a 4 hour drive. You drive right to us and the heli-pads are on-site. As you travel the 4 hours you will pass through Banff (Sunshine), Lake Louise, Golden (KickingHorse) and one hour the other side of us is Revelstoke Resort. So lots of resort opportunities for your family. All of our packages include Unlimited Veritcal skiing, so you never pay more to ski more. We have been operating since 1996 and have a perfect safety record. We ski in groups of 4 per guide. We lead in our industry for the lowest record of no fly days. Our terrain is "Prime Real Estate", the interior with dry, consistent, deep powder.

I would see your perfect holiday taking about 5 days. Arrive Calgary, drive to Lake Louise in two hours, ski with your family for a day, carry on to Golden where they can ski KickingHorse for 2 days while you heliski for 2 or 3 days. Then they or all of you can ski Revelstoke for a day, then return to Calgary.

Of course you could bring your family heliskiing too!! We get families all the time. We can accept any age of skier providing that they are skiing with their parent or guardian and they are mature enough to listen to instruction, understand safety, and tall enough to see over the powder!! The best is if you have a group of 4.

If they are not up to heli-skiing but you want to see them every night, they could stay with you and do excursions to the resorts each day... like I said, we are only one hour from KHMR or Revelstoke.

Anyway, I won't go on.... send a message if you are interested or have questions!!

Welcome to the sport! We would love to make this experience Your Powder Trip of a Lifetime!


Deane Pickering

Customer Relations

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