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Another good day in the mountains

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Was a little milky:

Since the vis was bad we couldn't get a good scope on our line, so we choose the safe option. Tying a double fishermans with frozen hands is fun:

I'm glad we rapped, the choke was a two foot wide, shark infested ice bulge over a 15-20 ft cliff.

I didn't really get any good pics of skiing as the light was super flat, but it was good. I'll bet it went to mank shortly after we left cause the sun came out strong this afternoon and got HOT.

edit: here is one skiing shot:

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Yep, Mank by 11:00 around here.  Looks like an exciting day!


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And now, short sleeve climbing weather.



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Ni-ice, Zion, and thanks for sharing the stoke!


We had a couple of *very* nice corn harvest days down in Ely this weekend - looking at more this weekend. We didn't have to rap into the lines, though!  


Our climbing routes are drying out, too - hopefully up tomorrow! 

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