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Beginner's Magic; the next step

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Does anyone want to know about...The Wizard?
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>>>The Wizard?<<< Go, Weems.... ...Ott
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I don't know, Ott. I may have to kill you after I've told you.
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>>>I don't know, Ott. I may have to kill you after I've told you<<<

You just try it, I know some magic of my own

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Since Ott's rodeln story was so elegant, (and please, Ott...THAT is superb writing...especially compared to our claptrap!), I will relent and talk about the Wizard Sessions.

Starting in January, we will be joining with John Clendenin (2 time world pro freestyle champ) and his Ski Doc system (Ski & Board Simulation--SBS) to erect a rolling ski deck at Buttermilk. We will call it the Wizard, in association with our Beginner's Magic.

At first we will sell time on the Wizard as a separate product to enhance the learning. Later, (next year maybe) we can incorporate it into all our Beginner's Magic.

The idea is to do a complete simulation of all the skiing/snowboarding movements in motion, in an environment where there is no possibility of a fall, and no concern about the fall line. (The skier/rider is in a harness. The safety issue is 100% covered.)

Technically, the rolling deck does not offer much for the turn finish, but for the initiation (the dive down the hill), it is everything.

The product--the Wizard Sessions--will be available as a "full bells and whistles" way to learn to ski or snowboard from scratch. Small groups will be in a warm "party" tent (and hopefully in the future, in a building). They will go through stations: the Wizard, boot accomodation, centering/balancing, video/orientation. About two hours and they are ready to ski.$179--2hours indoors, 3hours on real snow.

Another program in association will be the availability of time on the Wizard for those already in snow classes, and needing a little tuneup to make it more comfortable. "Grad school."

This will only be available at Buttermilk this season, but if it works as well as I think it will, the possibilities are pretty much endless. (Clendenin's got years and years of experience with this stuff and the technical side is excellent.)

Of course, one young child came by yesterday while the platform was being built and asked what was happening. When informed that this was a ski simulator, he informed us that it was unnecessary to simulate it because we had a mountain here and we could do it for real! I love kids. That one got us to scratch our heads, for sure.

Nevertheless, I'm guessing it will take about a day off the learning time.

I'll let you know what happens. But we're pretty excited.

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Oh boy, Weems, you guys are going all out on this. Will the Wizard be available all year or is it integrated with dry land/snow ski teaching only?

BTW, did you read the other Sigi stories in the General Ski forum? They are buried, but I'll bring them forward, just in case.

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Just some thought that came bubbling to the top.
Is there any plans to take this beginners magic program one step further? What I am thinking is that there is a great need for a good solid program for the frustated intermedate skier to advance.I keep thinking that there is a better way to get skiers off blue runs and on to more challenging terrain.There are an a lot of really frustrated skiers out there.Skiers that will grow bored with being stuck on the blue runs.The resorts need to put together work shops and clinics that are inexpensive and effective.I am sure you guys have your hands full with this Beginners Magic.just something to think about for the future.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Great. As a former instructor on ski decks I am excited to see this as I have been a proponate of taking every new skier through a system like your talking about. They are dry, warm, can see there movements in a mirror in front of them. Get them hooked before they get frustrated. A word of advice make sure to do some turns with the deck off as well. This will help when you transition them to snow. It is a different feeling skiing over a surface as opposed to the surface skiing under you! Balance, rotary, dynamic stance, pressure control, and progressive edging is all encompased on the deck. Edge to much and you go off the back! In my opion many skiers edge to much or have trouble getting off there edge(releasing) So I have found the deck effective at all levels of skiing. Good Luck!
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Hi Weems,

Does that mean I could learn to snowbaord wtih out having to pay some serious dues by way of a bruised rump and ego ? If so, sign me up !
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Sounds good but $179 for 5hrs ? Even assuming that the 3hr on the mountain is a private lesson, its still very expensive, esp. for complete beginners who are the primary target.

Also I don't know what the Wizard is, but is it similar to the Skiers Edge? Is that any good, because all I've read about it is the ad, and haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.
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One thing not mentioned by weems, because most people already know, is that he is talking about Aspen. Land of the filthy rich. So $179 for 5 hrs is a relative bargain. I think they take in about $450 for a full day (6hr) private lesson.
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