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JO Open Team USA

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This is the Team USA (one of two) entries in the JO.


Scroll down to watch the video (competition consists of two skiers a cinematographer and an editor... I think)


Funny stuff. Click the 'Lyrics' tab at the top to see the actual song lyrics.




Colby West is wasting time screwing around skiing, he needs to get to Hollywood ASAP.

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 Wow. You've been busy.

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Awesome. Colby is a laugh riot, in this and in Claim. A must for the video collection. Thanks. BTW, good editing & sound engineering job.  

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Crack me up!


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The comp is the Jon Olsson Super Session and consists of two weeks of filming at two resorts in Sweden then an award ceremony/ party in Stockholm, an absolute top notch event for the athletes.


Team USA won an award for 'Best Comedy'... but placed dead last in the JOSS.

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I would like to see the EpicSki entry, I'm thinking Tyronne and Samurai- our resident former IFSA competitors. Sure they can huck... but can they rap???

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