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Lower Leg Pain

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I know this post was from a while ago...but, do you still have the same problem?  Did you figure out what the problem was?  I have the exact same pain and can not pinpoint what is causing it.  I ignored the pain and just popped some ibuprofen to ski 3 days in a row, and then couldn't walk for days.  I looking for any advice from other folks that have had the same problem (my ski partners all think I'm crazy and have never heard of this type of problem).


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Damn it's soo frustrating. It seems I can only ski about one day in 9-10 days, otherwise, my lower legs, from my shins to mostly the outer back of my calves kill me. I am 50, good shape, 175lbs, skinny ski lower legs and high calves, now in older x-wave 9's, cork footbed, intuition liners, helped by Jim Mates in Seattle ... and STILL, all this year and much of last year my lower legs get sore, almost like bruised muscles. I do ski hard, off piste, fast, and will tackle most anything. Last week I rented 178 Mantra's, had one of the best days ever, skied great - went up again six days later and had to leave because of pain. I guess it has to be the boots? Nothing else left except a physical therapist meeting ... just to see what is the deal. Anyone ever experience this? Any suggestions? Maybe it;s my damn boots? Any boot suggestions? My foot has been described as med width - maybe d, lower volume, med - high arch, flat heel area - does not protrude, skiiny lower legs, high calf ... lange's, falcons, dalbello's? ... thanks.


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