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And you suck! So there!
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Weems isn't my real name. It's a name I made up for the internet. I'm actually a hermaphrodite, who sells crack out of an auto body shop in Texarkana. My real name is Giselda-Sue Jones. Nice ta meetcha, y'all.

Anonymity sometimes sets you free.
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>>>>Anonymity sometimes sets you free.<<<

Free to do what, weems? ....Ott
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This is not me. I'm actually the other Bob Barnes!

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I knew it Bob. I think I've skied with you in WP!

BTW, I read somewhere that William Shakespear did not write all those plays etc, but it was a man of the same name.

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Actually, Ott, there are certain things that maybe I would say slightly differently from the cloak of anonymity. I'm like you, in that I don't like to do that. But I have respect for those that feel they would be more free were their names not known.

Even if people know who they are, on a site like this, you can take on a slightly different identity that may even be more "you", than before.

For example, there are criticisms I would/could make privately that I would not make publicly under my own name--as well as praises.

[ May 19, 2002, 06:52 PM: Message edited by: weems ]
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You seem to have no curtains on your window panes. I like that.

Ott, too. In fact, even those with pseudonyms seem to shoot pretty straight from the hip.

I like that very much.
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Well, the prolific posters in this forum all know so much about each other, have met each other, have skied with each other, that I didn't see why they couldn't talk here under their real name.

Then I read those links by PhysicsMan and I understood.

I keep forgetting that there are others who lurk and read and we don't know who they are.

But I think OUR lurkers are good folks who'd never do anything like in rec.skiing.alpine forum. Our lurkers are nice folks...

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OUR lurkers are nice lurkers. It's just those OTHER lurkers...
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For the most part, we have a bunch of nice folks that hang out on epicski. But sadly, 9/11 has proved that there is a good deal of evil in this world that exists simply for evil's sake, and the Bears forum has not been completely immune to this.

When SCSA first joined this forum, he used his first and last name. The next day, he recieved some threatening phone calls.

Anyone who is even slightly in the public eye has to be at least somewhat aware of how they present themselves on an online forum.

On my website, I mention some of the gyms where I work. There was one point when someone here told an absolute lie about something I said in the fitness forum. By coincidence, the gym owner read the post. Since he did'nt have time to go through every thread to see if this was true, he was enraged! When I finally convinced him that I never said anything of the sort, he was ready to call his attorney and have AC reveal the posters identity.

Fortunately, the post was removed.

Keep in mind that AC has a policy of not allowing people to make offensive, threatening remarks by private message. If you recieve such a message, DO NOT REPLY! Put the person on your ignore list, and let AC know the problem. If you feel the threat is serious, make a copy and give it too your local police.

Fortunately, that does not happen much around here.
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I wanna be a nice lurker.
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I notice that a lot of the folks posting here don't like to be too specific about where they're from, either. As for announcing one's sex, I understand the concerns of women these days. You'll notice that my handle, however, is one that no self-respecting woman would choose (would she?). Anyway, for what its worth, I agree with those who subscribe to the proposition that one's rhetoric should sell his or her (or its) ideas in these forums, not their self-described credentials.

The turtle lives twixt plated decks
That practically conceal its sex.
I think it clever of the turtle
In such a fix to be so fertile.

- Ogden Nash
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