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Rx sunglasses and goggles

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Would sure like to get some views on presciption sunglasses and goggles. I just got some Adidas goggles with a prescription insert but haven't had much time to use them. Tried them Friday but it was so warm I had to take them off. Looking for some prescription sunglasses or sunglasses with prescription inserts that would be good for all sports, especially skiing. Also would like other views on goggles. Does anyone have opinions on the Smith goggles with the little fan inside? I've heard they work but I hate to pay that kind of money if it's just a gimmick. Would like to hear all opinions.
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My wife has Smith turbo goggles made to wear over her glasses.We tried other options but she always had a difficult time with glasses and gooogles fogging up.The Smith Turbos solved that problem.For warmed sunny spring skiing, she got a pair of sports sun glasses from her eye Dr.check around you should be able to fine the turbos at a pretty good price this time of year.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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err... contact lenses!
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I've struggled with fogging glasses inside of goggles for years. I tried Smith and Uvex goggles with fans, but found them to be very heavy with the batteries.They reduced fogging, but the wind blowing across the glasses lenses from the side tended to dry out my eyes. I also used numerous antifog compounds/cloths, etc., and found none really works. The problem for me is that I generate too much heat, so the glasses fog up when cool air from the goggles vent contacts them. What I've been doing recently is putting the goggles on indoors before the glasses cool and making sure to keep moving so there is a steady flow of air over the lenses. Windy days or fast chairlifts help a lot for me.
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I struggled with this problem for years. Then I got some prescription goggles from ProView. Better than OTG goggles. Then I tried contacts - and that was the charm. I originally got them for skiing, but now I use them most of the time. There are contact lense types for just about everything - even "bifocal" lenses that let you focus your eyes near and far JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE! Today, there are a number of soft contact lenses, including a "permanent" lense [you keep it for a year] called "Coastal". It's clear, sharp and very non-irritating. Give contacts a try. With contacts, you can use any goggles or sunglasses you want, and since contacts, I have had zilch problems with fogging. My current goggles are Oakley A Frames, but I also have had good luck with most others that have a double lense.
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If it's prescription sunglasses you're looking for, go with oakley. I own a pair of prescription oakleys...let me tell you, the visual quality will blow your mind. The clarity is uncomparable. And, because of the way the lenses are constructed, there's no distortion towards the edges of the lenses. Alot of times, i forget that i'm wearing glasses because a) they're so clear, and b) alot of their sunglasses are VERY light.

You're looking at $150 for the sunglasses, plus another $300+ for the lenses. Your insurance may cover that. Mine did The lenses are NOT scratch proof...they're scratch resistant, but i dunno...they didn't seem it.

Hope this helps!

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I had a pair of Revo's that I had converted to prescription. I went through a local optomo office that works with Revo. It cost about $175 to have the new lenses done. Revo sent the lenses to the Opto, they ground them, then sent them to Revo for the coatings. So you end up with real Revo lenses and coatings which are far beyond the clarity and color of anything else on the market. If you don't alredy have the shades, they run $250-$400. But I think, if you buy them new with prescript lenses, it doesn't cost as much as buying the regular sunglasses then getting the lenses made for them. Expensive, yes. Worth it, yes. And if your ins doesn't cover it, you can deduct it under health care expenses at tax time (not much of a consolation).
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Thanks for the info. KB, have never heard the complaint about the weight or drying the eyes but it's good to know. Most of what I've heard follows what Utah49 said. Didn't know Uvex made them.

Can't do the contacts. Eyes won't handle them.

Hate to sound stupid JohnH but I don't think I've seen Revo. You have a web site? Sounds good but sounds like they really have to be set up for it. MB, anything on the Oakley's? These glasses are what I'd really like to find. Also, I've got some information on Bolle glasses. Anyone familiar with their glasses? Thanks again all.
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Check this site out: http://www.oakley.com/cda/3.0/1,1676...7-2733,00.html

That should take you to the oakley prescription page. Don't know if those are what you're looking for, but hope this gives you a good idea Try on some oakleys at a shop and compare them to other sunglasses...most of the glasses have a lower visual quality than Oaks.

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You haven't seen Revo? I got my first pair in '86 when they first came out. I have never bought another brand of sunglasses since, and my mother, father and wife won't either now. Revo was started when Formula 1 drivers needed helmet shields that they could use for the Indy 500 as they came into and out of the sunlight, so they wouldn't be driving blind for a second or two at 200mph. If you watch a F1 race, check out the mirrored shields on their helmets. They are all Revo. Revos are available from any sunglass shop. But to get prescript lenses, you'll need to go through an Optomo office. Their phone number is 1-800-the-revo. I think their parent company is now another one of the major sunglass mfgrs. So when you call them, they will answer under another name. Website is... drumroll please... www.revo.com. However, it's just a banner page. They don't have any content up yet.

Put on a pair of Revo's out in the sunlight, and you'll understand (put them on in a shopping mall, and you may not).
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FYI Revo made a pair of googles at one point but I don't think they ever made market. They were having a "fogging problem". From the Optos I talked to they said it was no more severe than everyone elses goggles but Revo decided their customers would not accept them with less then perfection. I'm not sure if they are still trying to put them out.
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They were selling the goggles about 3 years ago. It was a serious fogging problem. I skied with Mike Rogan that December and he had a pair. He yanked off the foam that covers the vents, and it solved most of the problem, but they were a single lense style, so they still fogged a bit. I skied with them for a run, and they were great as long as you kept moving and didn't work up a sweat. Also, they were fairly ugly. They looked like an oversized "blade" style. I thought I had seen a conventional style goggle by Revo last year, but I'm not positive. At one point, I wanted to be a Revo rep, but they wanted me to buy a bunch of stock. At the time, I was making a living teaching skiing. I think they heard me laughing (or was I choking?) as I hung up the phone!
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I guess the ones we saw were supposed to be the fix because they were double lenses. I was at the optical show with a friend that is an optometrist.. We tried to order them but were told they are were pulled back from sales... Ugly yes but great field of vision and very pure optics. too bad.
Back to Oakley and Smith for now.
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Thanks guys. JohnH, too bad that site isn't up and running. I'd like to take a look. Don't want to order from a catalog without trying 'em. Take a look at the bolle options at http://www.bolle.com/Products.html . Especially the Altitude or Action Sports collections and see how you think these might measure up to what you guys are familiar with. I can get these in locally to look at with local opticians but can't seem to get a handle on the Oakley's or Revo's. What do you think?
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Well, what city/state are you in? i'd be able to point you in the right direction if i knew that

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Bolle makes a good product. I have 3 or 4 pair of their goggles. While the quality is not what you'd get from Revo, the price will certainly be more appealing, and the styles are good too. Your best bet, is to go to any Sunglass Hut or similar type of sunglass shop, and try on different makes and styles to find out what you like (the ability to try them in sunlight is fairly importiant). Ask if the shop can custom order prescript lenses for their glasses. If not, just go through the yellow pages and call every optomotrist office around, and ask if they can get you what you want.
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MelloBoy, Olympia, WA, basically Seattle. JohnH, now I'm really curious about Revo as I thought the Bolle's weren't cheap at $130 w/o Rx. If the Revo's are that good of quality then I really need to see them. Thanks for the info. Appreciated as always.
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A guy I ski with regularly uses one of the Bolle action glasses systems (changeable lenses for differing light conditions) with the prescription inserts behind. He's a retired patroller and gets some little discount for that status, but says he'd pay full price if he had to to get them. The only problem he has is it's difficult to get to the Rx lens quickly to wipe off if skiing in misty or heavy, wet snowing conditions. He usually uses a goggle in those conditions and keeps the Bolle's with Rx in a pocket for reading maps, etc. if necessary. It's not difficult to clean or change lenses in a proper setting (at a table during a coffee break or at home at the start of a day, for example), it's just difficult to wipe the Rx lenses like you can wipe the outside of a goggle.

Regarding the goggles with fans: The ones I tried used two or three AAA batteries. The batteries weighed more than the rest of the goggle.
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