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Secret code

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Mac OSX - Safari 4 beta.


Just saw this at the bottom of a page.  Is this secret code of some kind?  





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I am not seeing it. 



The new Macworld has a blurb on it, looks sweet. 

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I've seen it in Safari 3 as well, only it's right above one of the bottom banner ads. 

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Ah, here we go:



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It's a bug in the banner ad. Not sure if it's our side or the feed side. The huddler team should be able to figure it out.


The code info I think is to tell the advertiser who refered the click through or to attach some special info to the click through when someone clicks on the advertisement to see more.


We should not be able to see that code. as in it should be hidden. The odd part is it only shows up on some ads which makes me think either we are not handling the code properly or they are feeding us bad banners.



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Google is having some issues with specific types of their ads.  They are working on a solution.  Thanks for the heads up.

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