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Niner on backorder, Substitute?

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Really depressed as of now. I should have been out riding my Niner MCR over a month ago. The frame is now on its 2nd back order, not due again, until mid June.


I'm resting my laurels on some pretty nice parts. I've got everything I need to build it up.


I'm thinking, I'll get something else. I need to get some 29er time in before 24 Hours of Big Bear.


Any suggestions for a 29er frame, 1K or less?

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how about less than 500 bucks!!


honestly test rode one in utah amazing riding frame

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I know the Niner you were looking at is a steel (853) frame, so you may not be interested in this suggestion.  But the Ventana El Padrino may be an option.  MSRP is under $1,000, designed & welded in the States, and has some kick ass geometry....but it is aluminum.


I've recently been beating the snot out of the singlesped verstion of the Padrino, the El Commandante, and this is one kick ass race bike.  I recently covered 80 miles in an 8-hour race on it and I was worried that the stiff frame would destroy me over such a distance...but I felt great.  I don't know how they did it, but they have a way of keeping the lateral super stiffness of a burly aluminum frame, but somehow, it's compliant.  I have a carbon seatpost so I don't know if that helps to deaden vibrations at all...but thing rides just amazing. 


Ventana's shop is literally 20 minutes down the road from me and I stopped in there a few weeks ago and they still were closing out some of last year's frames for a few hundred bucks off of MSRP.  Give them call and they may have some left at a discount.  OR, if not, drop me a PM cause the shop that I race for is a dealer and maybe I can talk to them for you.


If you are set on steel though, BWPA suggestion of the Bandersnatch is a good one.  Those Vassago's have some different geometry idea's, but man they climb like billygoat's and have traction for days.


Let us know what you get!

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Bandersnatch, delivery delayed...


Seems like a common theme.

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Ty, whats the name of your shop? PM me if it violates some kind of marketing agreement.


I was hoping to buy the frame from Joey's Bikes. He's a kind of 'starving artist' in Elkins, WV. But, maybe he'll just have to hold on, till I can get enough chips for, a full-suspension 29er rig.

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Mad Cat Bikes in Sacramento, CA (www.madcatbikes.com).  If you call them tell them that Ron S. from the team sent you their way


The owner, Mike U won't be there for a few days as he's down at Sea Otter though.  I'll see him there on  Saturday and if you want me to talk to them I can see what kind of price he can get you.  I would just need to know the size/color you want.  If it's a stock color, Ventana has been turning around frames 2 - 5 days upon order from what I've seen recently.

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Ty, I'll have to run this through my network of course.


The Niners already paid for, you see.


The Ventana's look pretty sweet. I like the look of that cable routing.


I'm not overly dramatic about color. As long as its not Fisher baby blue!

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The Ventanas are nice. I had an El Matador once upon a time. Very well built bike. I particularly remember the dropouts being nice. 

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