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Race with the outside hand/foot

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Another focus point that simplified a lot of things in my skiing last few weeks is another exercise/idea given to me by Mike Iman, Not sure who else has used this focus but,

The idea is once you start into a turn, You've moved onto your new edges, and are beginning to move into the fall line, think of your outside ski and outside hand as in a race with your inside ski. Try to keep them catching up with or winning the race to the next transition.

The outside ski/hand doesn't have to win but with that as the only focus during the turn, lot's of other movements seem to fall into place.

Thoughts and comments? Explainations for the "mechanics" of this to help me understand why it works?

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Perhaps I'm not understanding the task completely, but it seems like this might encourage over rotation of the upper body. Just a thought...

Love the discussion thread!

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I think you have to try it to understand the feeling. It's a simple thought to accomplish so much. This would be at a higher level of skiing, presumably most of the movements we take for granted (early edge change, not over steering, good release of old turn, etc). Maybe that's why it's harder to understand. I'll play with it some more and try to explain it better after this weekend.

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The task requires you to keep functional tension from the tricept of the out side arm down thru the rib cage. By driving that outside hand forward thu the end of the old turn it keeps your upper body aligned with your CM and not twisted back into the hill. This keeps every thing moving forward and in position to move your CM torward the apex of the next turn. When done correctly there is no signifigant movement of the hands, they just remains in a better position.
Try skiing with a loop of surveyers tape aroud your hands, keeping it stretched tight, you can get the same effect. It migh look a goofy but after a few runs you will get great results.
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Gotta make this quick, leaving for a Maundy Thursday dinner but.

Race the outside foot with the inside foot and bring the outside hand along for the ride. Focus this way will create the desired result and not over rotate the upper body. Keep your eyes and attention headed for your new turn (down the hill)

I Played with this a lot today. More later..

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dchan, I think you need to come up to Oregon and show us all your cool drills!
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With younger skiers we might pretend each of our skis is a fighter jet and they trade places being the lead man and the wing man...
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