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Frisbee Golf Near Boston!

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 As it stands, there is not a Frisbee Golf course any closer than 45min from Boston. I have recently moved to the city from Northern VT where I had a course virtually in my backyard and played every day, so I find this unacceptable. I decided today to take it upon myself to get a course built somewhere in the Boston Metro Area. At first thought possible locations may include the Middlesex Fells, Blue Hills, or Arnold Arboretum. In the next few weeks I will be gathering information, doing research, and contacting local officials to try and make this happen. If you have any ideas for possible locations, or would like to help out in any way and try to make this a reality, please let me know! :)

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That really bites.   Hard to believe that there's nothing, but it's been awhile since I looked around for one.  Last time I checked (late 1999) there were two within 10 miles of my house, and I created four short toss goals (about 100 feet) in my back yard.  There were several world class courses that I played in the Dallas area.  I bet disk golf is something DoWrok would totally dig.  You should rattle his cage and take him out to the place that is 45 miles away and get him hooked.  Then the two of you could mobilize folks to get the parks and rec folks on board to add some goals at a park in your locale.  My kids are almost old enough to tag along and help find any lost disks.  I think I'll check and see if the courses are still up that used to be out this way after their baseball season ends in May


You could also contact Innova and see if they could help lobby with you.  It is in their best interest after all.  Just to be certain there really isn't anything check out Craigslist and see if anyone's selling used disks.  If so, contact them.   Maybe they know of a course that is out that way but under the radar of the Parks and Rec Dept.  

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Dude, there is a top-rated frisbee golf course in Easton at Borderland State Park.  It cost $2 to park, other than  that it's free.  It's about 45 minutes from Boston.




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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post

 As it stands, there is not a Frisbee Golf course any closer than 45min from Boston...



Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post

Dude, there is a top-rated frisbee golf course in Easton at Borderland State Park....It's about 45 minutes from Boston.



There is actually a course in Topsfield which is a reasonable drive from my house in Malden, but a bit tougher for people coming from my work in Watertown.  Also I've found a 9 hole course at Simmonds park in Burlington, which is only about 25 min away.  It's relatively new and could use some maintenance work, but I played there last week and there are some interesting holes!  


Life is busy for me right now, but I haven't given up on the idea of a new course.  I think the Fells is my ideal location, so if anyone has any contacts or inside information there, let me know!

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Yeah, I do know you said 45 minutes from Boston  and Easton is exactly at the limit.  But I figured I'd post it just in case you didn't know about it.  It's a nice course and a very nice park so I thought you might want to check it out even if only for a rare outing way out to the country.


Just a teeny tad few minutes closer to Boston,  there's a fundraiser tournament at the Norfolk Hunt in Medfield coming up in in June in case you are interested.


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Have you checked out DGCourseReview yet? Just go to the course directory and search by miles from your Zip Code. You can get the courses near you with pictures, links, and reviews. I LOVE that place!

I'm lucky to have a course located a mere 3 minute walk from my front door and another 20? courses within an hour or so.
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