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Sunday River or Sugarloaf on Saturday

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Me and a bud always do our last day on Saturday of Patriots Day Weekend which is this Saturday. 


Normally we drive up from Portland and ski Sunday River.  We also have the option of driving up to Sugarloaf if we want to do the extra 45 minutes.  Might even have a place to crash there if we don't mind driving all the way up after work and rolling in at 10:30 or 11:00.


Sugarloaf might have more good terrain open but it's also Reggae weekend. Anyone know what the crowd is like skiing?  Could care less about wannabe-rastas staggering around.  I care about the slopes and the lift lines only.



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According to the posted reports it does look like sugarloaf has more coverage.  Sunday river's site hints that only a few lifts will be open this weekend.  Either way its likely to be rather mushy (no surprise) but i would think SR will be much less crowded than Reggae weekend at the loaf (though it does present different opportunity's for "tree skiing")  


The northern VT resorts seem to be holding up well, I was at Jay last Sat and it was great, early morning at the summit felt like Feb conditions.  They might have lost some coverage this week with warm temps though.  Stowe is still holding on too, might be their last weekend but they still claim a good base. 





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I was at the Loaf last Sunday. After all the rain we have gotten I was really surprised at how much coverage there is. Probably because it has been cool at night. Two weeks ago I got in to the back snow fields, but the ski around the cone was a joke. Pleanty of skiing on the high groomers on Sunday. Whit Nitro was nice, but got scraped off towards the end of the day. But it has been cold enough that they have been able to get the winched groomer up it. The other side of the hill was pretty soft and ungroomed, but wonderful spring skiing. Only real thin spots were at the bottom. If you stay up high, there is a lot more skiing to be had, I plan to go there for a few days next week. Real cheap. Three nights in a condo with three days of skiing for three people is only $450 - basically $50 pp pd. Not sure what kind of crowds they will have during the Reggae week. When I talked to the reservation person this afternoon about next week she said it was "wide open." Enjoy.

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We ended up sking 'loaf from 9:00-4:27 (our last ride up the superquad was at 4:18).  We skied our freakin' brains out.  Everything had okay cover up top.  A couple greens down at the base we skied maybe once to get back to the lifts, like at Whiffletree, were pretty washed but it was fun dodging the grass.  We did about six runs on the front-side include Nitro, PowerKeg, and the W'Way Ext.   The front-side had just enough snow to be worth it and was nice and soft. :-) The bumps were great. :-) The woods were great. :-)  Some nice people showed us some cool lines through the woods in a few places :-) :-) :-)  The groomers were bumped by the PM :-) :-) All-in-all, one of the best days I've every had at Sugarloaf and a great day to end the season. :-) Oh, and it was a hoot drinkin' in the bars with all those party people 1/2 our age.


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