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Insoles and Footbeds

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Some are as slick as polished leather while others have an abrasive surface that makes it hard to fit your foot in the boot. Does a snug boot hold the foot in place or does it also require a sticky surface on the top insole/footbed? Which type of insole do you prefer? Which one gives a skier the most support? If you like the sticky surface models how do you keep your socks from bunching up when you put on your boots?

An observation; most stock insoles are slick. I'd guess that's to help make it easier to get in and out of the new boots.

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Had both. prefer slick. no discernable differnce in performance.

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Can only surmise that slicker surface might allow more small movements of foot muscles, which is a good thing. But doubt it has much functional difference, probably marketing. FWIW most prescription orthotics are slick and stiff, molded plastic.  

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