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Happy Birthday, Batgirl

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Happy Birthday a little late. 


Hope you had a super day with a sunny outlook for the coming year.

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Better late than never. Birthday greetings, Batgirl. I'm happy we had a chance to ski together. Kathy enjoyed your company too.

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Rob, it was great getting to ski with you and Kathy.  Hope your daughter is doing well.

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Well, rats...I missed it too!  Hope you had a great big b-day and it was such fun seeing you again at CubeFest! 

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Bit late but hope to hit the bike swap with you guys again.  

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Hope you had a happy birthday Ro,  Maybe some day you can teach me how to rollerblade without falling on my face. 

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Let me hop on board the shame train:


Holy Happy Belated Birthday, Batgirl!

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Happy Birthday Ro, was CubeFest your Birthday present?

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Ah, it's easy to forget my birthday.  Everyone's too busy worrying about Uncle Sam.  The joys of being a Tax Day baby. 


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  No matter when they arrive, they are definitely appreciated!


SugarCube:  I'm sorry we didn't ski together more, but it was good seeing you again!


 TC:  Sadly, I quit skating this year, but maybe someday I'll dust the skates off for a lesson or two.


Jimmy:  CubeFest was too good of an opportunity to miss. 


And everyone else, thanks again!

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