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Black Diamond Factors or Garmont Radiums?

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  Hey there I'm looking at purchasing a new boot this year with the current sales happening here in Vancouver. I am considering the BD Factor or the Garmont Radium. I want to use the boot for my everyday boot as well as my tour set up. I don't do any multi day stuff, other than a hut trip once a year 3-5 days, but skiing out of the same home base, no huge days. My thought are going with the Dynafit set up for my tour days & skiing on a Duke or Fritschi for my resort or slack country days. I currently have a 3 year old Adrenaline which is beat & but still go back to my alpine boot for the resort days & the slack country. Will the Factor or Radium solve my problems & can I say good by to the alpine boot? Or should I wait until next season, is there anything new coming out?

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Standard reply: Get the ones that fit.  


Spoke with a BD rep yesterday, and was told there would only be minor tweaks to the BD boot line.  Since the Radium was new to Garmont this year, I wouldn't expect much change, but what do I know?  


One thing to consider in your choice - given both boots fit you well enough - is that you can get "AT" soles for the the Factor that have a walk pattern and Dynafit fittings to complement the alpine/DIN sole that it comes with.  


Other than that, some people say that the Radium and Factor aren't as stiff as their high-performance alpine boots, but if you aren't a pretty aggressive skier you might not notice.  

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I concur with Bob get the best fit.  I have a Radium and have been really happy with it BUT I don't use it for lift served skiing.  On the other hand, I use a very stiff boot for that stuff. 

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 With all the post's here I am amaized in reading this post that the new Dynafit freeride touring boots have not been discussed? Alpine overlap? PU construction for full on performance and the lightest boots and most powerful for the down? Both Radium and Factor are great boots also but the Zues by dynafit is the stiffest of these 3 and if you want ultra performance look at the Titan. With a 130 flex and PU construction this boot I feel has the need for speed. 
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Fit is everything. BD Factor has a much wider toebox than the Garmont. BD also has a narrowish heel.
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Can't speak for the Factor...

As for the Radium...

I fit numerous pairs last season.  I am glad it is in our shop and and it is unchanged.  I am very pleased with it.  It is a stiffer boot than many AT boots and drives large skis on a daily basis.  I know guys who are driving Katana's and Pontoons, as well as other large BC and Pow skis.

The Radium has a toe box plenty wide enough for an AT boot.  I did full oven cooks on the liner and skipped the stacks.  The sole seems to be holding up very well.  I saw a pair that I orginally fit early season on a Mountain/Lift Ops guy at the end of last year and I was very pleased with how the soles were lasting. 
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