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Christy Sports Sucks- Good, Bad & Ugly

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Before the start of the season, a guy at the Dillion shop made an (unsuccessful) effort to locate a binding screw similar to the one that I had lost while moving.

Multiple locations, often close to slopes with decent demo selection.

Snowmass location gave a few of my friends the first half day of weekend demo rental free (different department than ugly item below).



Prices tend to be high- i.e. demos can be twice that of Virgin Island in Silverthorne for the same gear.



Dillion shop wanted to charge me to do a torque test that I had paid the Snowmass shop to do, but that they had obviously not done causing my buddy to pre-release multiple times before he adjusted the bindings himself on the hill...


Here is the whole story-

Took a pair of used GS skis to the Snowmass shop to have the P14 bindings remounted for a buddy with the same BSL.

Filled out forms- (6' 6'' 230 lbs, level 3, 345 bsl)

Told it would take 20-30 minutes

Left skis and boot

Went to breakfast

Saw tech who said it would be 20-30 minutes on the other side of the room eating breakfast...not sure how he beat us there, but guess he knew a short-cut.

Went back 30+ minutes later and breakfast eating tech told us he was having trouble getting a few of the screws out and needed more time.

Waited a while before deciding to let my buddy ski a brand new pair of Misfits that I had not even mounted the bindings (but were pre-drill by Fischer as part of a warranty replacement so I put them in myself).

My buddy took back the boot and skied the Misfits.

Picked the GS skis up at the end of the day and tech said that they were good to go and had passed the torque test.

Paid $40.

Buddy takes them out the next day and likes skis other than the fact that they didn't stay on his feet for very long.

He looked at the toe pieces and noticed that they were set below 6- remember he is an aggressive 230 lbs skier. 

He adjusts toe pieces up to 9 or 10, but not having skied in a number of years, doesn't think to look at the heel piece setting.

He double ejects a few more times, but not as often.

I take the skis back home and look to move the them back down to 7 (just coming off an ACL repair) and notice that the heels are still below 5 (where I had turned them down to after buying in the summer).

Bring the skis and my boot to Christy's in Dillion today to have them perform the torque test that the Snowmass shop had obviously not performed.

Give the tech an abbreviated version of the above story.

His only reply is that the P14 is a good binding that probably doesn't need a torque test, but that he will do it if I pay him to.

I question whether the different Christys are affiliated with each other and he says they are.

I tell him that I already paid Christys for the torque test that was obviously not done and offer to show him the paperwork.

He says he doesn't want to see the paperwork as the guy in Snowmass obviously didn't know what he was doing, but if I pay him $20 and complete new paperwork, he will perform a torque test.

I leave very P.O.ed    


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I thought christy=bad was common knowledge?

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Originally Posted by karpiel View Post

I thought christy=bad was common knowledge?

You are right that I should have known better...if I had been at home, I would have gone to Precission Ski or Virgin Island, but it just seemed easier going to Christy's as this is where my friends were getting their demos...

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