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A sincere thanks to Smith Optics

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I have to publicly thank a manufacturer who backs their warranty and product.


Three years ago I bought a pair of Smith Optics Knowledge Turbo fan goggles.  After three solid years of ski school action, I'm afraid they started to show their wear.  I sent them off to Smith inquiring about repair.  They replaced them at no cost.  That was in January.


While practicing out on the race course in Steamboat the other week I crashed and the battery assembly detached and took off  down the race course.  I sheepishly sent them off to Smith last week hoping they would help me out in any way.   Low and behold, a package arrived at my door yesterday afternoon.  I opened it and there were my goggles with a brand new battery and switch assembly attached!  I want to thank Smith for fixing my goggles and such a timely turn around.  I haven't seen a bill either.  What a great company!

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Always good to hear about a company that will actually stand behind their products.  Thanks for the info, I'll definitely keep this in mind.  I keep hearing good things about their Sensor Mirror lens for flat light and had been interested in trying them, but haven't picked up a pair.  This is just another great reason to try them out.

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An instructor friend had the same experience with them. Very impressive....

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