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Body Armor

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Has anybody used body armor the kind moto cross riders use under there jersey? Why I ask is because I fractured my scapula again. Is it comfortable? And do you think with the shoulder pads it would prevent it happening again? Thanks

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I have this kind:



But, I've never worn it skiing.  I purchased it to wear under my jersey when racing motorcycles off road.  I found it to be very comfortable and it breaths decent.  I found that I couldn't wear it in temps over 90 and went back to the traditional outer chest protector in those conditions with a very vented jersey.


No idea how it would work in cold weather situations.


You might surf that site, Bohn has a number of armored shirts and other armor pieces that might work for you.

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My brother-in-law wears an upper body armor because of several back injuries.  He's ALWAYS sweating bullets...

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One of my friends wears a pretty impressive set of armor that he also uses for mountain biking.  He and a few other people I know use a very intense knee protector/knee pad thing.  I like the knee gizmo.  My friend is a very good experienced skier. 

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Are they these? 


A lot of my motorcycle buddies purchased these.  These are made and designed by the same people who make CTi braces.  This difference is that CTi's require a perscription and a custom fit.  The Asterisk braces are off the shelf. 


Knock wood, I've had no knee issues with skiing or motorcycles so I wear something that is much less substantial, but I do where knee braces/pads when riding/racing and when skiing.

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How does one fracture their scapula?


I wear various pieces of armor and even had the full upper body armor by sixsixone (I returned it because it was made for guys with girly arms).


While armor will help against bumps and bruises, I don't think much can be done about big fractures, the forces are too large and in order to really isolate the body parts it would mean tht you would pay the price of some immobilization...which of course would not be good.


I broke by back and thumb while wearing back armor, and armored GS there ya go.

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post

How does one fracture their scapula?



The first time racing Moto Cross fractured the socket , then many years later skiing same shoulder , then last week skiing same shoulder  plus 4 broken ribs and left thumb. Bindings pre released.

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The ski race store in my area.....Northern VT near Stowe, sold me this high tech back protector:


This company is one of the official suppliers for the US ski team. It feels much more natural than others I've tried. It literally feels like a second skin and contours itself even better as it warms up. I usually forget I'm wearing it but it's supposed to avert fractures much better than other tech.


I use Roach armor (now RaceFace) on my elbows and forearms on icy days......They are made for Mtn biking but I use them for multisport.....protects arms for my profession.


Black Diamond knee pads are comfy.

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