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Help with Head ski selection

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Hi guys,


I am going to pick up a new pair for my 14 year old. He is a strong skier. We ski Vermont with the occasional trip out west. He has always been on slalom race skis (Volkl Racetiger's right now) but we wanted to move to an all mountain ski. He is spending a lot of time off piste (Mad River Glen woods for example) so looking to get  ski that will allow him to have some fun in the woods and bumps but still carve the groomed areas.


We have settled on length between 160 and 165 for him and are focused on the Head Monster series (but open to options).


Specifically, I am looking at 3 Head skis at a local shop. These are leftovers so are priced pretty good. Unfortunately when I was in there, the kid working didn't seem to know too much about Head. I've done some research but thought Epic folks would be really helpful.


1. The Monster 75

2. The Monster IM 77 Chip Railflex (2007)

3. The Monster IM 77 (2007)


For bindings, I was leaning toward RFD 12. I like the idea of the rail flex, particularly for this situation where he is growing so much. But any recoomendations on bindigns woudl be great. and points on railflex versus flat woudl be good too in this setup.


So, what is the difference between the IM 77 with/without the Chip? What is the Chip?


The 75 is billed as being super light. Is this a good thing or does this ski give up a lot to get less weight?


Any thoughts or shared experience is hugely helpful.


Thanks, Onthefly

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You may have your years mixed up.  For the 2006/2007 season, Head only offered the non-chip version of the iM77, and it was a cap ski (previous iM77s had sandwich/sidewall construction).  Black topsheet, full metal jacket construction.  I happened to think it was the best year of that particular ski.  Very smooth, powerful, and forgiving.  Not real exciting though.  Heads are known to be damp and smooth, and the 07 iM77 really maxxed out that Head feel.  Good ski though.


 For previous year's iM77s, the non-chip was generally preferred by most people.


I don't have any experience with the iM75.

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Mostly what 219 said, I've just skied the regular 77, suspect that a 14 year old who weighs what 14 year olds usually weigh and likes trees and bumps would prefer the non-chip version. Lively (for a Head) with some junk in the tank for higher speeds. 

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Thanks for the replies, very helpful stuff.


So far I have learned that the non chip 77 is the choice between those two, which is great info. My son was liking those cool black graphics on the top sheets of the IM 77!


Anyone have feedback on the 75 verus the IM 77? The 75 was the ski that was deemed to be super light and easy, fun to ski. My son is 120 pounds right now, so I was struggling with the stiffness factor in the IM77 and somewhat attracted to a ski he could "bend".


How about railflex versus non railflex bindings for these Heads?


I am assuming when you put a railflex on a flat ski that some large plate is installed to serve as rails? Is this correct and is ti a good idea to do this?


Thanks for all the help.

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The IM 75? The one that got "Ski of the Year" by RealSkiers or whatever that site was called then? That was probably 06-07? or maybe the year before.

A dead dog as far as I'm concerned. Boring. Could never understand it's awards. Just sent a pair off to the fence makers. Would've kept it but base had been ground down to expose the edges.

Others may have a different experience...


Railflex is already on them or not. I don't think you can add it anymore but I could be wrong. Sure, if it's on there fine.  Such things are not going to make much difference in this category. Definitely get a ski that he can bend.  From the sound of it, none of the choices sound great.  How about giving Sierra a call?  See "Deals for Epic members"

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The iM75 is simply an older model that evolved into the iM77... it is smooth damp and stable, it is NOT light quick or lively. Unless it is a dramatically better deal than the 77 get the 77. The big 'change' in the two generations is the addition of 'Liquidmetal' in the 77 skis, this added some liveliness to the series, I'll bet your son would like the regular 77 best, as said earlier.

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I can only say that the 77 was a great ski for me.  I skied it in 177cm, and am 6'1" 195lbs. It was ideal in that length.  Other skis tend to feel too short when I go below 180cm, but not the iM77.


I prefer flat mount bindings in general, but had RailFlex on my 77s and they were great.  For a kid who will be growing and changing boot size, I think RF is the perfect solution.

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