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First Time Ski/Boots Buyer

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Hello everyone,


I have been doing some research on what kind of skis and boots to get but can not make a decision.

I am 162cm tall with just socks on and weight 135lbs, can handle greens and blues easily. Never been to black before, but definitely will try it next season. I have also done minor jumps on the side hills of green and blues.


Based on my height, I should get a pair of skis length around 160cm.


I have found a Dynastar limited edition on craigslist, however it's 165cm.


Now, I would like some recommendations/suggestions for skis and boots please (Not too familiar with the differences between brands either)


Looking for a quality ski package with a budget around $500.


Thanks for your help!



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I'll be the first to say it:  Spend most/all/exceed your budget at a reputable bootfitter and get fitted for a pair of boots that matches the specific shapes of your feet.  Brand is secondary, fit is tantamount.  And no matter how much common sense you believe you have when it comes to picking footwear, you will not be equipped to do this without professional help.


Meanwhile, rent skis until you're good enough to invest in a pair that you won't outgrow in a season, if not a few days.  The first pair of skis you will buy (should it be a few weeks or a few seasons down the line) should not be less than intermediate/advanced-level skis.


And in terms of ski length...  The skis you're looking at are actually called "Dynastar Contact Limited Edition", which is identical to the "Dynstar Contact 10" of model year 08/09.  These are acclaimed advanced/expert unisex skis (read: acclaimed by male expert skiers of considerable size) that you won't be able to handle at the shortest available length (158cm), much less 165cm.  You should not buy these.

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Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. As for boots I have three pairs which I'm currently looking at.


1) Salomon ski boots 2009 size US 9-10


2) Dalbello Aerro A60 ski boots size US 9.5



3) Nordica GTS x4 ski boots size US 9.5

    (My friend is selling this pair)


As for skis, I would still like some advice.






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All the advice is there to be had.  You're not listening/reading.

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Happy, those Craigslist skis are more expensive than what you can buy new this time of year.   Now go to the Special Deals for EpicSki Members forum and look at the threads by some of the site sponsors. Send them a private message, email or just post your questions in thier threads.  They are pros and will direct you to the best possible skis and equipment sizes.


What DtEW is saying is to be very careful choosing boots. Used boots are almost always a certain disaster for fit and performance.  Boots are the most important piece of equipment you will buy and it pays to get them fitted properly.

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Agree, don't choose boots because they are advertised on Craigslist -- choose them because they are the best boots for your feet and needs.  Anything else is a gamble.

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Skiing in a pair of boots that doesn't fit properly is like skiing on skis with bindings that are not  adjusted to correctly match your boots. Play in the boots (slop) due to a poor fit compromises the stability of the connection between your feet and the snow under the skis. Poor fitting boots is the cause of a lot of bad skiing.

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I understand clearly now, basically I'll have to go to a shop and test fit and find a pair of boot that is the most comfortable and fits properly first. Instead of looking for second hand boots, I should be heading to a shop and find the ideal one that suits me best.

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