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One can learn any activity, including skiing, incrementally, while building on what one has learned and mastered.

I equate 'pushing' which results in falling to jumping into a situation one is not prepared to handle and it is not a smart thing to do.

Competitors push the line out of the desire to win and sometimes cross that line and fall, often with disasterous consequences.

But a recreational skier can learn to ski a very steep slope which requires jump turns across the fall line without ever falling while learning them.

What makes a skier fall in that situation is that the heels of the skis are not lifted enough and hang up while coming around.

By practicing this maneuver on a green slope, lifting the heels high, then moving on to a medium slope and learn how plant the pole downhill so it doesn't get in the way, one then can move to very steep slopes where this move is the only one which allows you to survive.

Learning jump turns on the very steep and falling can cetainly be said to be pushing it but you do not teach a person to swim by throwing them into the deep water, though I've heard this old wives tale often.

Falling should be reserved to having an unforseeable situation happen while skiing competently, not to learn something new.

Skiers who think falling is inevitable tend to fall a lot.

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I know that people aren't supposed to waste bandwidth with simple "I agree" posts, but in this case, Ott, I can't imagine how to say it better than you did on this topic. I agree completely.

Tom / PM
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