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Cuba has Ski Resorts

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Now that we can travel to Cuba check out snow in the mountains of Cuba. 

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Are you sure that's snow and not piles of cocaine? 

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Nice try -- those are clouds! 

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Originally Posted by Jag View Post

Are you sure that's snow and not piles of cocaine? 

Jag your probably right.  Highest Elevation in Cuba is Pico Turquinoat at 6578 feet.  I hear Cuba is snow free all year long.  Had you going there

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Should be interesting if the reputation of the Cuban cigar remains intact once trade is re-established. Most of the cigar afficionados I know like Dominican cigars better.

As for cocaine-you're confusing Bolivia with Cuba! If there was a significant coke trade out of Cuba, Castro would have been gone a long time ago!

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Clouds are not good skiing.

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haha, yes... quite obviously clouds.  They have shadows...

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