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Wild ride at Tuckermans

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Not the right way tho, 

read the incident report for 4-11-09, then click on the picture link at the right




amazing they didn't get seriously hurt


a lot of other useful information at the site also.

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This story is  crazy.  Glad they're okay, but whoa, what a trip they had.


Thanks for the link.


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Wild stuff indeed. Avy victims fell 800 feet. In the other reports, one victim slid 1200 feet, another 1000 feet. Scary place.

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These two guys were climbing Dodge's drop which is a ski route. Someone here had indicated he was going up there last weekend with the intention of skiing Dodge's and other challenging runs. I hope he is OK. Conditions were cold last weekend. It was snowing and very windy at Bretton Woods on Sunday. Not exactly ideal for sking difficult routes at Tuckerman's.

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Lucky to be alive.  Dodge's Drop is one of the steepest.  There was fresh snow and it had frozen up over night.


Should Dodge's be possessive?

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Name Maximum Pitch Sustained Pitch Dominant Aspect
1 Left Gully 45 35 ENE
2 Chute Variation 50 40 E
3 The Chute 50 40 E
4 Center Headwall 90 60 E
5 The Lip 45 40 SE
6 The Sluice 50 45 SSE
7 Right Gully 45 35 S
8 Lobster Claw (Right-Right Gully) 40 30 S
9 Boott Spur #3 (Gully #3) 50 30 N
10 Cathedral Gully 45 35 N
11 Dodge's Drop 50 45 NNE
12 Hillman's Highway 40 30 ENE
13 Duchess 50 45 E
14 Empress (Dead End Gully) 40 40 E
15 Lower Snowfields 40 30 E
16 Tuckerman Ravine Trail 40 30 SE
17 Little Headwall 40 25 E



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Later in the season the runout at the bottom of Dodge's becomes mostly a boulder field. These guys would likely be seriously injured if not dead.


Neat run isn't it?

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